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Was Sylvia Blyden an object of conceit?

OCTOBER 15, 2014 By Wotay Brima


Her appointment as Special Executive Assistant (SEA) to President Koroma was a golden opportunity for her to use as a spring board, did she kick her blessing?

Normally, the offer of job to somebody comes out of trust and this is why it goes without the cliché from the employer telling the employee that ‘I hope you will live up to expectation’, and the constant response from the employee is that ‘I will make sure that I live up to the trust reposed in me’. Of course, many times employees live up to expectation by working assiduously to fulfill what is required of their positions.

President Koroma, like any other employer, employed Sylvia Blyden with the stereotyped expectation that the employee will surely live up to expectation. Sadly and unfortunately, President Koroma’s employee Sylvia – who could have thought it wise to first know what her prescribed role as Special Executive Assistant was – deliberately refused to do so assuming that she knew all and hence failed entirely to fulfill her task. I hate using conundrums but certain issues can be better explained when using them – thus; “He, who knows not, knows that he knows not, he is wise. But he, who knows not, knows not that he knows not, he is the most stupid”. Sylvia could have lived up to expectation and accordingly fulfilled her given task had she accepted to learn and know her job description. But as an object of conceit who deceitfully took herself above all else, embarked on senseless and meaningless self-eulogy that virtually led to her woeful failure.

The absolute failure of the former SEA to accomplish her role at State House which led to her ‘forced’ resignation from her position as Special Executive Assistant, could not be dissociated from her excessive pride, arrogance and recalcitrance to learn and do the things that her relinquished position required. She assumed of knowing everything and hence considered herself infallible – a feature that can only be associated with God. Her egoism could not allow her to prove herself at State House. If she wasn’t attacking the family of the First Lady or molesting the Vice President who she once referred to as ASS (Alhaji Sam Sumana), she would openly fight with strategic partners of government (journalists) or cussing cabinet ministers. She never paid close attention to her job.

Certainly, the position of SEA is not the only new position created by President Koroma. We have positions like Chief of Staff, Press Attaches which are all peculiar but yet proved fairly well and productive which by every indication, subsequent governments will love to maintain. Unlike the position of SEA, the ineptitude, callousness and arrogance of its holder, rendered the mesmerized position all together useless and needless to exist anymore.

With no iota of doubt, Sylvia Blyden is entirely egocentric and always fighting for her individual interest even at the expense of the nation she is purporting to be serving. Her unbearable human character, according to reliable State House sources, left her with little or no option but to resign and quit. Having got nothing to absolutely do at State House, the all-powerful fictitious doctor cum Special Executive Assistant was just swinging like a pendulum, jumping from one person to another and peddling in profanities. She was accused of several clandestine games and the incitement of the people of Kerry Town to openly protest against government’s decision to build an Ebola treatment center in their community was not an exception. She was suspected of peddling important information to foreign interest groups and a host of other accusations.

Holding the bull by the horns, the president confronted her with tangible evidence of text messages regarding her clandestine activities and quietly asked her to either resign or face humiliating termination of service, the State House inside sources revealed. She was even accused of over invoicing for a chartered helicopter that was used for President Koroma’s final campaign in November 2012 in the Western Area.

But since she was driven from State House, she’s now seen daily on Facebook and WhatsApp attacking the president’s decisions and State House staffers.

More to come on this and the nefarious and self-serving activities of the egocentric Sylvia Olayinka Blyden.

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