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WALPIC calls for more investment in agriculture

May 25, 2021

By Yusufu S. Bangura

Owner of Agriculture Livestock and Poultry Investment Company- SL Limited (WALPIC), Chief Mohamed Alieu Wanu Sankoh, has called on the Government of Sierra Leone and Non-Governmental Organisations to support agricultural investment in the country. 

Sankoh made the above call during a one day visit to his farm in Tonkolili and Moyamba districts, respectively.

Sankoh is a businessman and a farmer, who has invested a lot in  agriculture and he had been into farming for the past two years after he returned from Germany.

He told pressmen that he has five big farm lands at Kithboi village, Tonkolili and Moyamba district, respectively, where he grows variety of farm products.

He said he was motivated to engage in farming because the practice  makes him become self-employed, adding that he wanted to compliment government’s effort in ensuring food sufficiency in the country.

He disclosed that he owns 35 acres of cassava farm, 10 acres of rice farm, 5 acres of pepper farm,15 acres of groundnut farm and 6 acres of corn farm.

He said last year he was able to cultivate rice, cassava and corn at Kithboi village, but that he was not able to harvest anything good from those farms because of the COVID-19 pandemic that hit every sector in the country.

He narrated that his cassava farm was burnt down to ashes by unknown individuals and that he when he reported the matter to the chief; he treated the issue with levity.

Sankoh said government promised to support him with 150 bags of fertilizer, but that the said promise was never actualized and that he did not realised better yield as a result.

He called on the government to support him with farm equipment so that he could achieve his goal-to aid the government in making the country food self-sufficient, which is a promise made by the currently administration in their manifesto.

Mr. Sankoh said he does spend over 900 million Leones yearly on agriculture and that he has employed 78 workers who are paid 20,000 Leones per day each.  

“I want the government and other development partners to assist me with farm machines to fast-track the work, and I will like to advise other farmers not to lose hope because if they do not succeed today, they will succeed tomorrow and they should have courage to do farming. I also want to thank God for providing for me, because I do farming out of my own money,” he said.

Sankoh told the press that he has created jobs for young people in the provinces, noting that he is growing most of the crops the country uses.

Ibrahim Sorie Wanu, son of Pa Wanu said he is proud of his father for the great work he is doing, explaining that even though he is an aged man he still works in his farm.

He called on the government and NGOs to support his father because he alone can’t do the entire farm work.

“I want my father to keep the faith, strength and courage to go on with his work because he is a hardworking man. My father is scarifying his time to do the job and I believe that by the end of the day he will achieve his gold. I will continue to support my father with whatever I have,” he said.

Isatu Tucker, a farmer and charcoal producer at Mambaroro village, Moyamba district, thanked Pa Wanu for creating job opportunities for her, adding that she had worked with the Wanu company for 3 month.

Madam Tucker, who is a single parent, said she is taking care of her 6 children through her farming, thus calling on the government to support Pa Wanu because he is helping them in the village.

“I want my fellow women to come into the bush to farm because not everyone will have the opportunity to be in the city but with family they can take good care of themselves and their family,” she said.

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