VP Jalloh pronounces stringent action against Kush barons  

Vice President Juldeh Jalloh:No bail for Kush barons

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma 

Vice President Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh has affirmed that the government has, in consultation with the Judiciary, decided to not granting bail to anyone caught importing and selling Kush in the country.

“As Chairman of the Police Council, I have given an instruction that anybody caught should not be granted bail even if that person has over 150 lawyers,” he vowed.

He said any individual caught will be charged to court, and if found guilty, sentenced and sent to jail, no matter the status of that person.

He was speaking yesterday at the Bintumani International Conference Centre during a town hall meeting meant to chat the way forward to curtail the Kush menace in the country. 

He disclosed that during the weekend, two containers were intercepted and when searched they discovered some materials used to process Kush, adding that they have seven suspects in police custody already helping with investigations. 

He said as a government, they have dedicated two magistrates that will be trying   people caught with Kush, and that they have also ensured that they any drug that is  harmful is withdrawn from all pharmacies across the country.

He noted that some of the chemicals used to process Kush are openly sold in the pharmacies across the country.

He said the town hall meeting was conducted to enable government agencies tell the country what they have done and doing in the fight against Kush, and to also put heads together and proffer solutions. 

He said the government was spending about 22% of the national budget just on education with the aim of building  the human capital of the nation,  but that effort will go in vain should they allow Kush   to destroy all the young people.

He said in the last couple of weeks, they have sat and examined the fight and have crafted an end-to-end solution, because they have realised that the fight is not only arresting people, but also trying to educate them, and as well as taking care of those  who have fell victim to the drug.

Minister of Health and Sanitation, Austin Demby, said some of the chemicals that are used in the processing of Kush are dangerous to human health because they damage the organs of the victims, including the heart, liver, kidney and other major organs.

Minister of Internal Affairs, Major General David Taluva said they have indicted over 296 cases and some of those cases have been tried and convicted.

He said some of the cases are ongoing with the accused persons in custody.

Inspector General of Police, William Faiya Sellu said the police has taken steps to strengthen the fight against Kush, stating that he has ensured that all his Local Unit Commanders join the fight or they get replaced.

He disclosed that, last week, a Correctional Service Officer was caught smuggling Kush into the prison facility, with a military personnel also arrested and helping the police with investigations.

Opposition Leader of All Peoples Congress Party, Abdul Karim Kargbo, said the fight against Kush should not be politicised because it is a fight that demands everyone’s attention.

 He said the fight should be collaborative without any political sentiment, and promised that they are ready to make laws that will help in the fight.


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