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Citizens demand improved electricity supply

With Ibrahim Tarawallie

Improved electricity supply was among the top priorities of the President Ernest Bai Koroma-led administration since he took over the mantle of leadership in 2007. For several months now, there has been a lot of grumbling from the populace, especially those living in Freetown, about the incessant power outages with its unbearable consequences.

However, Concord Times’ Senior Reporter, Ibrahim Tarawallie, yesterday took to the streets of Freetown to get the views of Sierra Leoneans about the present status of power supply. Below are excerpts of what they said…

Mohamed Bangura


Honestly, I think the All People’s Congress (APC) government headed by President Koroma is doing well with regards electricity supply but I think there is room for improvement because some parts of the city are going for days without electricity, while others boast of daily supply.

I can say without any favour that the light system today is far better than it used to be under the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) administration. However, the National Power Authority must be proactive in responding to concerns from the public when they are called upon and also to do routine maintenance on the machines.

Mohamed Alie Conteh


Frankly speaking, the current state of electricity supply is nothing to write home about and I think the National Power Authority (NPA) must up their game. I am paying my bills on a timely basis to NPA but I am not getting the required service. Presently, I rely on generator, which is why I’m appealing to the government through the NPA to start providing us with regular electricity supply because we need it to test our electrical appliances when customers come to buy.  For me, I think the NPA should be privatized.

Hawa Kaoda


The light system is very poor. We are not getting it as before when the APC newly assumed power in 2007. I am a businesswoman and I rely heavily on the supply of electricity from NPA to cool my drinks and other items for customers to buy. Honestly, the electricity supply at the moment is a total mess. I am blaming the government because they have the responsibility of supervising the work of NPA. I only hope it will be improved upon without further delay by the authorities concerned.

Aminata Kamara


For me I think there is much improvement with regards the supply of electricity in the community where I live; I cannot tell for the other parts of the country. We are getting electricity supply on a daily basis and that helps me a lot in my studies and to cool my drinks and water for sale. The only thing I can say is that NPA should improve on their distribution strategy as well as the maintenance of their machines. But overall, for me, they are doing well.

Ishmael Kargbo


We are getting power supply but not as regularly as we want it. Even though there is marked improvement comparing to the situation few years back, a lot more needs to be done. NPA workers are always harassing us to pay our bills but the service we are receiving is not encouraging and some of us are working very hard just to eke out a living. I am appealing to the government to ensure that we start enjoying electricity 24 hours a day from the Bumbuna hydro dam.

Aminata Massaquoi


My brother, without an iota of doubt, I am enjoying full electricity supply from NPA. In the past, we were referred to as the darkest city in Africa, if not the world, but that is not the case anymore. We are getting power supply daily and if power happens to go off, it is only for few minutes before it is restored. My only appeal to the government is to continue to improve on the current trend until the four corners of the country enjoy 24 hours electricity.

Sarah Lake

Bar/Restaurant Attendant

Electricity supply is not frequent. We only get it few hours during the weekends and that is bad because some of us sell soft drinks and other beverages. The National Power Authority (NPA) is doing very little to address the problem. If we start having 24 hours of electricity supply, investors will be moved to come in and invest. I am tired of blackout. I need light every day because I am paying huge sums of money as electricity bill.

Amara Sesay

Top-up Seller

I am enjoying electricity supply on a daily basis even though it is not for 24 hours. I want to commend the National Power Authority (NPA) for ensuring that the city is lit at all times. Also, I want to encourage them to improve on the maintenance of the machines because that is important if we are to continue getting frequent supply of power.

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