VOX POP: What Sierra Leoneans say about the increase in the prices of petroleum products?


Yusufu S. Bangura & Blessing C. Cole

Yesterday, government announced the increment in the prices of petroleum products from Le 21, 500 per litre to Le25, 000 and this development came as no welcome news to many Sierra Leoneans

In this Vox Pop, Concord Times’ Yusufu S. Bangura & Blessing C. Cole on Wednesday took to the streets of Freetown to gauge the views of citizens about the current development.

Kadiatu Kamara, Trader

As a trader and a citizen of this country, the increase in the price of fuel has affected us a lot because the cost of transportation and basic communities has also increased.

Like yesterday morning, I suffered a lot to access transportation, so I am pleading with the government to intervene on our behalf for the fuel price to decrease.

Shaka Bangura, Mercury Retailer

One thing I usually said is that this country is not yet ready to move forward. For instance, fuel price has now been increased from Le21, 500 to Le 25, 000, and whenever they want to reduce the price they will only remove a cent.

I used to pay Le 5, 000 for the place where I conduct my business, but due to the increase in the price of fuel, I now pay Le 8, 000. I have some constraints to find a bike that will take me to my business area.

I am calling on the President to help us by reducing the price of fuel, so  everyone will enjoy a better living.

Bockarie Jajua, Carpenter

In my own view as a Sierra Leonean, I believe that the increase in the price of fuel does not go down with us because we are expecting things to be better for us. If things like this are happening we will not be happy as we voted for us to enjoy as citizens, but things continue to be harder for everyone in the country.

I want the government to have dialogue session with those responsible to ensure that the price of fuel decreases.

Ibrahim Sorie, unemployed

As for me, the increase in the price of fuel will have negative effect on everyone’s life. Never mind I don’t have a car but I have to take transportation to go and pay visit to my children. If I don’t have Le 20-30,000 , I will not be able to visit them.

One thing I observe is that there is no price control in this country as everyday things continue to be hard for us the poor masses.

Sheik Abubakarr Sankoh, Deputy Imam at Kingtom Mosque

As for me, the hardship is not only affecting us here, but also affecting other countries. The increase in the price of fuel will also make things more difficult for us. As a poor man, the only thing I need is food. We always ask God to direct our leaders so that they can rule the country well.

Lamin Sidikqui Kamara, Bike Rider

As a bike rider, the increase in the price of fuel has affected my work greatly because if I ask a passenger to give me Le7.00 from Kingtom Bridge to St. John, that individual will not pay. We are suffering and yesterday from 8am to 2:30pm I only made Le 50,000.

I am pleading with government to help us reduce the price of fuel because we are suffering.

Abubakarr Kargbo, Keke Rider

The increase in the price of fuel has affected my work because passengers are not willing pay us the money that we asked them to pay and that makes it difficult for us riding tricycle.


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