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VOX POP: What citizens think about President Bio’s decision to revoke LAC’s pardon

January 19, 2022

By Yusufu S. Bangura

After so many concerns from citizens, family members and civil society groups about the presidential pardon granted to Baimba Moiforay, alias LA Chocolate  on January 1st 2022, President Bio has revoked the  clemency granted to the convicted herbalist, who murdered Sydney Buckle Jnr.,aka DJ Clef.

LAC who was initially granted the presidential pardon on January 1st this year by President Bio, has been seen on social media giving testimonies in church and chilling around lavishly with celebrities.

Yesterday, Concord Times Yusufu S. Bangura took to the streets of Freetown to gauge the views of citizens about the decision of President Bio to revoke LAC’s pardon.

Aiah Nabieu Mokuwah, Executive Director, IDCHS

It was a surprise for me to see the press release from the Office of the President, revoking LAC’s pardon. I want to know how the selection process of giving pardon to prisoners is done, how the committee looks at issues and the constitution need to make it clear about who to be granted presidential pardon.

As an activist, I was against the killing of Sydney Buckle aka DJ Clef in 2015, therefore, LAC should not be given presidential pardon because he is not supposed to be with us in society, but rather he should be in condemn. We also want to know why LAC was among the people granted presidential pardon.

If the Presidential Pardon Committee realized that the judgement was not correct, then citizens wouldn’t have blamed the president for granting him pardon, but LAC was found guilty as charged.

Ibrahim M. Kanu, Taylor

As for me, I am happy to receive the information of revoking LAC’s pardon, because what he did was not good at all. If someone commits a crime, he or she should suffer the consequences because no one is above the law. I want us all to be careful of how we live our lives as this is a good example for us.

Gibrilla Kamara, Businessman

As a citizen, I saw the press release but it came out late because from day one when LAC was pardoned there were so many concerns from the citizens and from that particular day President Bio should have issued a press release for LAC to be arrested. It is a big blow for the judiciary and it was deflected even though the President has the right to grant pardon but not for the case of LAC. LAC should be arrested but I don’t think he is in the country, that why the release is untimely.

Agnes Koddah, Hairdresser

President Bio’s decision is in place because everyone has the right to live, so if LAC killed DJ Clef there is no need for him to have freedom, but rather be in prison.  I don’t know if it is true or not that LAC is out of the country but I saw it on social media that he is out of the country.

Mary Morgan, Businesswoman

The killing of DJ Clef was a surprise to us and we were not happy about it because he was not sick. Court has proven that he was killed by LAC so he didn’t deserve freedom. The family of DJ Clef is not happy with the release of LAC. We want LAC to be arrested and taken back to prison to complete his jail term. ‘Kill dog before dog, lay dog know say die dae’.

Allieu J. Lahai, Student

Am glad for the decision of President Bio because the convict is a killer, and the person he killed was a popular man in the country.He was also working for the country as a DJ, so for me to hear that LAC has been released, it was a surprise to  me.

Adama Sesay, Businesswoman

As for me, I believe that the government knows what they are doing, because they released LAC and they later called for him which is the best decision they took. Since his release on January 1st, we have been looking forward to what the government has done so far. As a mother, I was not happy about his release and besides he was on social media celebrating his release. 

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