VOX POP: Citizens urge gov’t to curtail Kush importation


By Yusufu S. Bangura

In response to the escalating prevalence of the synthetic drug ‘Kush’ in Sierra Leone, citizens have intensified calls for urgent government intervention to address its importation and usage. The drug, known for its interchangeable formula and affordability, has raised grave concerns among various segments of society, particularly the youth.

Kush, also referred to as Spice or K2, induces a “zombie-like” state in users, disconnecting them from reality and leading to dangerous behaviours. Its increasing availability, coupled with its detrimental effects on users, has prompted widespread alarm, with reports of youth deaths and deteriorating mental health.

Concord Times’ Yusufu S. Bangura conducted a vox pop on the streets of Freetown to capture citizens’ opinions on how the government should tackle the importation of Kush.

Mohamed Koroma, a businessman

Government needs to take action to halt the importation of Kush while providing support and encouragement to affected youth. This Kush epidemic is really catastrophic for us in this country

Abubakarr Kamara, a trader   

The government’s authority must curb the drug’s importation as they have succeeded in similar endeavours.

Habib Sam, a businessman

It is very important for government to block importation routes and preventing access to Kush, to safeguard our younger generation.

William Chijioke, dealer in electrical appliances

He echoed calls for government intervention: I urged accountability measures to expose those behind the drug’s importation. That is all I will say for now.

Domingo Songo, a technician

He advocated for the enforcement of existing laws to combat the drug epidemic effectively. Government alredy has existing laws to combat Kusk, therefore those laws should be used.

Zainab Bangura, a trader

She proposed harsher penalties for Kush importers, including life imprisonment, to deter further distribution: To combat Kush, there is a need for heavy hand in handling the menace.

Kadiatu Tarawallie, a hairdresser

 I am appealing to the government to cease Kush importation.  I am also pleading to my fellow women to seek alternatives and refrain from its usage.

The collective voice of citizens underscores the urgency for decisive government action to address the Kush crisis and protect the well-being of Sierra Leoneans particularly the youth.


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