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As President Bio Clocks one year today…

Citizens’ expressed mix feelings

April 4, 2019

By Yusufu S. Bangura

It is exactly one year today when President Julius Maada Bio took the oath of office as president of Sierra Leone. He won in a tight runoff election held on March 31, 2018. When he assumed office, he accused his predecessor, Ernest Bai Koroma to have plunged the country into hardship. He told Sierra Leoneans that despite the state of affairs of the country, he would honour his campaign promises,first by providing free quality education from primary to secondary, drawing the line on corruption and separating the Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, among others.

Yesterday, Concord Times’ reporter, Yusufu S. Bangura, took to the Streets of Freetown to gauge the views of citizens on President Bio’s one year  in office.

Below are what they said.

Isatu Sampil, Hairdresser at Red Pump community


 I want president Bio to know that we are suffering. Let him do something for us and he should also try to drop down custom duties for us the business people. When the price is high, people refused to make their hair.

Things are so hard for us.  We are not able to give our children lunch when going to school because of the hardship in the country. I want to thank the government, even though things are not easy for us. I also want the government to look into the price and let the people pray for the President so he would do what he has promised.

Samuel Bangura, Laborer


As for me, I want President Bio to know that he is not working for one person, but for everyone in this nation. So I want him to stop those that are sacking their employees without any reason. President Bio has done well in terms of Education, roads, electricity and others, but he has to do more.

I don’t want him to listing to people who give him wrong advice, but let him do his work as president. I want to thank God for the peace he gives us.

 Elizabeth Kamara, Businesswoman


As a businesswoman, I want to thank God for the life of President Bio, because he has done well in terms of infrastructure. He had made some improvement in the electricity sector and the free quality education which he has instituted is well in place as many people dropout of school, but he said they should go back to school, so I am happy for that good start.

I want my fellow citizens to forget about politics and come together to support the government in power. I also want the government to know how to use public resources and they should accommodate everyone regardless of their political status.

Brima Conteh,Barber  at Cantonment Road, Brookfields  


I am not happy with the way President Bio is ruling us, because today makes him one year in office and I did not see any improvement and he did not motivate me. He should have started where the former President left, so he will do more for us.

With regards the Commission of Inquiry, he should have waited, because the people are still suffering whilst he has set up the commission. For infrastructure, I did not see any improvement in that area, because where the past government left is still the same and for the free education I did not see anything good about it.

 Fatmata Brima , Petty Trader


I want to thank President Julius Maada Bio for the free quality education he give to our children and he promised to make roads, give free medical treatment to everyone in the country that will show that he has fulfilled his promises.

He promised that thing will not hard for us traders and we are seeing it, he help to clean the country by organizing the cleaning every first Saturday in the months. I want to encourage the people to work with President Bio’s visions and let keep the country clean. 

Toks Harrison, Businessman 


For me in terms of development during his one year in office President Bio has done well, because he promised to fight corruption and he set up the Commissions of Inquiry for all past and present government workers to give account of their stewardship.

I am happy for the road network as he has patched so many roads within the city including Dundas Street, Kissy road, Circular road among host of others which has lessen the traffic congestion. I want the people to continue to support him in his flagship program and let the government workers be honest with their jobs. 

Samuel S. Dumbuya

Civil Servant


I first of all want to thank God for the life of President Bio, at the time he took office he promise to draw line under corruption which he has done by setting up the Commissions of Inquiry and he give free quality education, which is good for the people of this nation.

I am calling on all Sierra Leoneans to come together and help President Bio to fulfill his goals, as development is not for one person, but for everyone in the country. I want the government to continue his good work.

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