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Violence against women on the increase in Bonthe Island

By Ibrahim Jaffa Condeh from Bonthe

Bonthe Island, located in the southern Province of Sierra Leone, may be known for peace and civility, but recent trend on the island points to an upsurge in cases of abuse and violence against women and girls.

Speaking on the current spate of violence against women on the Island, local head of the Sierra Leone Police, Senese F.
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Moigboi, told our reporter that many cases relating to violence against women and girls are reported to the police and subsequently charged to court, although he could not state specific figures.

He said the perpetrators are predominantly husbands and teenage boys, thus indicating that it is domestic, involving male spouses and lovers, adding that the Police are doing all they could to curb all forms of violence on the island.

In an interview with one of the victims, Fatmata Pieh (pictured) of 11 King Street in Bonthe Island, she told our reporter she was struck with an axe on the forehead by her husband Alpha Beah, adding that her abusive spouse was in the habit of hitting her, given the least provocation.

“I did nothing to him for me to deserve such a torture from him,” she said, adding “while I was trying to enter into the room he restricted me not to enter.”

A tearful Fatmata Pieh, who was seen profusely bleeding on the forehead while sat on the bare floor at the Bonthe Island Police Station, said that several complaints had been made to elders about her abusive husband, but the latter disregards any form of counseling.

Meanwhile, a respected elder in Bonthe Island, Pa Alimamy Conteh, who resides on Heddle Road, condemned the increase in violence against women and girls, and called on law enforcement agencies to punish perpetrators.

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