Victim tells court how she was maltreated by her aunt


May 23, 2019

By Yusufu S. Bangura

8-years old victim of child cruelty has narrated in court as to how she was maltreated by her aunt (Abibatu Kamara) and recalled on the day of the alleged incident.

The victim testified that she was at home when the accused instructed her to prepare her some food and that the latter also instructed her to re-activate the soup, which she did.

According to the victim, after cooking the rice, the accused pointed accusing fingers at her, claiming that she has stolen part of the soup.

She narrated that at that moment the accused was busy laundering her dress when she promised that she would roast her fingers after she finish laundering.

She told the court that the accused told her to light fire on the stove, held her fingers tight, forcefully put them on the fire and flogged her as well.

She told the court that she reported the matter to the Family Support Unit (FSU) at the New England Ville Police Station, where she was issued with a police medical request form which she took to the Connaught Hospital for examination and treatment.

She further told the court that she later returned with the endorsed medical form to the police and made statement.

The accused, Abibatu Kamara was yesterday arraigned before Magistrate Abdul Sheriff presiding at the Pademba Road Court No.3 on one counts indictment of Child Cruelty Contrary to Section 4 of the Prevention of cruelty Against the Children’s Act Cap 31 of the Laws of Sierra Leone.

Police prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent Yeanoh Koroma alleged that the accused on Saturday, 29th April, 2019 along Leicester road in Freetown, did behave in a cruel manner against Memunatu Kamara, a child below the age of 18 to wit 8-years old.

The accused was unrepresented and the matter was adjourned to Thursday 23rd May for further hearing.