Vice President Commends LRMG:  West African Logistics Centre in Sierra Leone launched


Leone Rock Metal Group (LRMG) has set a new milestone in the mining industry of West Africa with the unveiling of its West African Logistics Center in Pepel, Port Loko district of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

 This strategic center redefines the norms of logistics operations by seamlessly integrating sea, river, land, and railway transportation, culminating in a hub that offers a spectrum of services including bonding, loading and unloading, storage, sorting, and reprocessing making the first in Sierra Leone.

This beacon of logistics prowess extends its reach to Guinea, Liberia, Gambia, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, and numerous other West African nations, serving as a central hub for transportation integration.

The distinction of the center lies not only in its comprehensive capabilities but also in its unique position outside the customs premises, marking a historic moment as the first private bonding warehouse of its kind in the country. The Commissioner of Customs acknowledged this groundbreaking initiative as a significant progress in the realm of logistics operations.

Fainday Turay, the minister of Transport and Aviation, expressed gratitude to LRMG for propelling Sierra Leone and West Africa onto the global logistics map. He emphasized the profound impact of the center in facilitating exportation processes, ensuring long-term storage, upholding quality standards, optimizing custom procedures, and attracting vital investments to fuel the government’s developmental agenda.

Minister of Trade and Industry, Ibrahim Sesay, lauded LRMG for its pivotal role in streamlining trade operations, fostering price reductions, and fostering a remarkable partnership between the public and private sectors.

The esteemed Vice President of Sierra Leone, Juldeh Jalloh, delivered a keynote address underscoring the transformative nature of the center. He highlighted the government’s commitment to revolutionize the mining sector and commended LRMG for its pioneering efforts in this endeavor.

He continued “LRMG’s substantial investment, exemplified by the significant surface rent payments and imminent groundbreaking in Tonkolili, signifies a monumental stride towards the industrialization of Sierra Leone. By spearheading logistics services for companies across West Africa, LRMG is instrumental in establishing Sierra Leone as an economic powerhouse and bolstering the country’s duties and revenues”.

As LRMG continues to shatter barriers and usher in development and investments, the West African Logistics Center stands as a symbol to innovation and progress, heralding a new era of economic prosperity and national competitiveness.


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