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Use of ORS: a chance of survival

…says survivors

NOVEMBER 26, 2014 By Regina Pratt

Some survivors of the Ebola virus disease have stated that one can increase his/her chances of surviving the virus by incessantly drinking Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS)

Town Chief of Njala Geima, Jawei chiefdom, Kailahun district, Samai Bao says he was among the first set of people to contract the virus and was given ORS as first-aid treatment when he was taken to the treatment center in Kenema from Kailahun.

According to Chief Bao, over 68 people contracted the virus in his town and many later died.

With regards the issuance of certificate to survivors, Chief Bao said he was not issued with one by the Health Ministry, adding, “I have made several calls to the health authorities in Kenema for my certificate but to no avail.”

He advised Sierra Leoneans, especially residents in his town, not to wash dead bodies and to stay away from Ebola patients.

“We should not keep or hide people that have contracted the virus. We have not recorded Ebola cases for the last three to four months. All we are asking the authorities to do is to provide us with enough food,” he said, apparently because farming activities have been put on hold because of the outbreak.

Another survivor, Mohamed Nao, also recommended the use of ORS, which he said helped save his life.

“No member of my family contracted the virus because I reported early to the hospital for treatment. I am encouraging people to do the same in order to save their lives and that of their families,” he admonished.

His admonition couldn’t have come at a right time, as the ‘Big Idea of the Week’ is ‘Stay Safe While You Wait’.

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