US dishes out $ 4.4 million dollars for 2018 elections


May 26, 2017 By Mohamed Massaquoi

US Ambassador making his statement

The United States Ambassador to Sierra Leone, John Hoover, on Wednesday informed the media that, they have already begun working to support a free, fair, peaceful and on time elections come March, 2018

 He said they have already given $4.4 million dollars as indirect support in the areas of civic education, public order management, among other things.

Ambassador John Hoover made the statement while addressing a battery of journalists at the Africell American Corner on Bathurst Street in Freetown, where he noted that the 2018 election would be a vital step in the country’s democratic evolution.

He  noted that the United States has no ulterior motives or agenda in Sierra Leone, and that they have always ensured transparence and close collaboration with the government of Sierra Leone.

 “We are providing $4.4 million indirect support for the elections. I will not be here but I am very much looking forward to reading and hearing about successful elections in Sierra Leone come March, next year,” he said.

“We believed the private sector and investments by American companies can do as much to boost economic development.”

 He disclosed that they have succeeded in enhancing food security and nutrition, which are so important to all aspects of economic development in the country.

“The US Peace Corp is back on ground after being closed during the Ebola crisis. There are 24 volunteers now working as teachers and public health advisors across the country,” he concluded.