UP Presidential Candidate disappointed over low voter turn-out


April 3, 2018 By Elizabeth A. Kaine

Femi Claudius Cole was the standard bearer of the UP in the March 7 election

Presidential candidate of the Unity Party (UP) in the March 7 election, Madam Femi Claudius Cole, has expressed disappointment over the low voter turn-out in the presidential run-off election.

Madam Cole, speaking at the Syke Street polling centre, where she voted, said that it was high time that the Sierra Leoneans started thinking and knowing their right and priorities as citizens, noting that they are the key players in any election.

However, she noted that voting procedures were very simple and that she took less than a minute to cast her vote for whom she thought was more competent to lead the country for the next five years.

“Why the polling stations are as empty as early as 11:30? I was expecting huge number of voters in queue ready to cast their votes. I’m really surprised,” she said.

“Though I did not endorse any political party but I believed that the best will prevail as election is not about do or die, but time to show the love and concern we have for our country,” she said.

Meanwhile, Madam Cole said that it was not true that she had refused to endorse either of the political parties and their candidates because she was disappointed with her performance in the first round election.

“I did not endorse either of the political parties because it is not my right to be going around telling people whom they should vote for. It is their right to vote for whom they want to rule them. This is a democratic country and they have their right to voter for either of the parties,” she concluded.