Unity Party’s Madam Femi Claudius-Cole


‘We have the agenda for mass inclusion of women in governance’

January 29, 2018

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Madam Cole received her provisional certificate from the Returning officer

Presidential Candidate of Unity Party has stated that they have an agenda for mass inclusion of women in governance when she wins the March 7 presidential election.

“Women have a lot of challenges why they don’t enter into the politics. Most of them are not educated. About 70% of our women are illiterate. This time the Unity Party has an agenda for mass inclusion of women in governance,” she said.

She said the party was looking forward to free, fair and credible elections, but noted that many other factors could hinder the process.

“I can’t stand here and say I have a 100% confidence in NEC; I have my reservations. Only the process that can prove me right or wrong, but I will not relax and stay at home thinking that the process is fine. No! I will stay on my toes until the last vote is counted,” she said.

She said the UP ethos is based on four main principles: health, education, justice and economic development.