Unity Party running mate promises radical change


January 26, 2018 By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

Madam Cole and her Running mate, Mr. Tarawally

Running mate for the newly registered Unity Party (UP) has noted that the country is in dire need of a radical change that is synonymous to the current day realities.

Mohamed S.V .Tarawally was speaking yesterday at No.4 Pademba Road after his appointment.

He said the country needed to be rebranded because since independence the political status quo hasn’t change.

 “I say in no uncertain terms that if we are to reverse the negative trends and bring back honour, dignity and respect to our country, we have to be bold enough to break away from those old traditional parties who are squarely responsible for the disintegration of the integrity of Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans,” he said.

He stated that there was need to transfer power to a new generation of corrupt- free and patriotic leaders who are prepared and determine to bring the much needed development and prosperity to “our nation and our people.”

The running mate, who also doubles as the founder of the Patriotic Reformation Movement (PRM), said the Unity party represents a real change and the much anticipated third force.

He said the UP is the only party with corrupt free candidates and comprises new generation of new political leaders that truly represent a change.

“My fellow compatriots, let me use this opportunity to appeal to the conscience of all Sierra Leoneans home and abroad, especially the youth and women, to see the unity party here as the most reliable, ethnically balanced and corrupt free party,” he said.

The U.P running mate noted that they have resolved to confront the major challenges of tribalism, illiteracy, unemployment, inequality, impunity, poverty and corruption which are the legacies of the traditional political parties.

The PRM founder asserted that the country has got a true servant, a patriot, a nationalist and a selfless leader in the person of Madam Femi Claudius Cole, noting that his Movement and the Unity Party share a lot of commonalities and they found themselves very compatible to present a common platform under the unity party.

“The U.P party as at now is an alliance between the popular PRM for which I’m the founder and first leader,” he said, adding that it is a movement with its ideology that stands on the left side of the political spectrum to champion the cause of a radical change in the country.

He urged Sierra Leoneans not to give credence to such bogus and superfluous political parties as it is only the unity party that can boast of non –recycling old corrupt and opportunistic looting politicians.

He thanked the Unity Party leader for believing in him to serve as vice presidential nominee and assured her that they will work together to bring change.

 Leader of the party, Femi Claudius- Cole, congratulated her running mate, noting that she has been thinking of selecting her running for over two weeks and that merging with PRM was decision in the right direction.

She said her party was being underestimated but that they would surprise many Sierra Leoneans because they are sure of winning the March 7th, 2018 elections.

“I will continue to make my medical outreach for as long as I’m alive and give service to my country,” she promised.

The UP presidential candidate revealed that in choosing a running mate, she realised that she had to be gender sensitive; despite other political parties ignored it when choosing their running mate.

 “It took me a while to pick my running mate, but I believe that God chooses for me,” she said