UNFPA, Ministry of Health train Midwives, Nurses


June 25, 2018

By Regina Pratt

A cross-section of participants at the training

Since the reduction in maternal mortality and teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone is a concern for the government and its partners in the health sector, some 40 midwives and nurses have been trained on how to insert and remove new long term contraceptive -Levoplant.

Speaking to one of the lead facilitators at the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital on Friday, June 22, Sister Memuna Bomm said the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, with support from UNFPA, conducted a seven-day training that commenced from 18th June to 25th June.

She said the training was meant  for service providers on Family Planning methods.

“We have service providers that are in the Peripheral Health Units who have not undergone this training processes on the use of long term contraceptives,” she said, adding that the health ministry saw the need to train the nurses so that they would be able to render the new service to their clients.

Nurse Bomm revealed the training involved 40 service providers from urban hospitals and rural PHUs, and that it was going on simultaneously in two centres at the PCMH and the Jenner-Wright Clinic.

“The clients will have to choose between the five-years and the three-years  period as they will determine the number of years they will need the implant,” she said, noting that the benefits users would get include the ability to space their children and take care of their welbieng.

The nursing sister further revealed that the training would help reduce high rate of  girls who drop out of school, as well as help government to plan for its citizens, while service providers provide counselling to their clients.

“We are training service providers on how to insert and remove the implant as they must take certain precautions so that the place would not be infected as they are doing the invasive because the implant is inserted into the body,” she said.

One of the participants, Alice B.Y. Thonton, a Community Health Officer from Kent PHU, observed that one may be a nurse but still has to be trained on how to administer family planning methods.

Ms. Thonton expressed delight for being one of the participants at the training because as a service provider and head, it was important that she is knowledgable about how to insert long-term family planning methds.