Umaru Bangura in for FC Zurich captain’s armband


January 16, 2019

By Sahr Morris Jnr

Umaru Bangura

Sierra Leone national team captain, Umaru Bangura is possibly in line to put on FC Zurich captain’s armband as a replacement of the departed Victor Palsson.

Since Palsson’s departure, the Swiss club is yet to settle for a replacement for the skipper role and Bangura is in contention with veteran Alain Nef and youngster Kevin Rüegg for the armband.

However, while Palsson’s is now gone, Bangura was given the nod as the day’s captain in their 4:3 win over Aarau in a warm-up match.

Despite the Sierra Leone skipper given the nod in the said match, Palsson successor is still not clear, and the FC Zurich coach admitted: “Who in the future will wear the captain’s armband, will be determined in the training camp.”

Bangura’s contenders Nef and youngster Rüegg both defenders are currently missing because of an injury. Nef suffered a hamstring in the performance tests leaving the Sierra Leonean defender to have the nod at the start of the leagues’ second campaign.