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UBA-SL boss says financial institutions thrive on public confidence

By: Gabriel Benjamin

Lack of confidence hurts revenue, but financial institutions can regain it with the right steps

The Managing Director and CEO of United Bank for Africa- Sierra Leone (UBA-SL), Mr. Usman Isiaka, has called on financial institutions to invest in building public confidence.

Usman told Concord Times that financial institutions across the country can only thrive when the public has confidence in them. 

He said: “Financial institutions should invest more in public confidence because no one wants to put his money where he or she is not sure of.”

“At the UBA we have different layers of control, which have made it impossible for our customers to lose their money,” Usman added.

He explained that without doubt financial institutions might fear not getting the right people to uphold the integrity of the institutions.

Asked if the customers have confidence in and are enjoying the benefits in digital banking, Usman said the various initiatives that financial institutions have undertaken in recent time have been well received by the public.

“We have earned public confidence in our various digital initiatives. For us at UBA, we are actually ahead in terms of digitalizing our various services. As you know, in January we celebrated Leo at Four. If our customers did not welcome that initiative, we would not have been proud to celebrate it with such fanfare.”

Usman said that everything about UBA is unique, citing the quality of its various services— Mobile App, Internet Banking, Virtual Banker (Leo), Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Push and Pull and Instant Bills Pay.

“The first thing is the freedom you get using Leo. With Leo, you can do all your financial transactions seamlessly. What that means is that you will not have to worry about visiting any of our branches, regardless of the transaction you want to carry out. We have been able to make financial transactions easier and more convenient for the public, especially our customers.

“That ecosystem of convenience is also what our Mobile App, Cards and Internet Banking bring to the table. Right now, from March 1 to September 30, all subscribers to UBA Digital Wan Pot will have the chance to win Le1 Million or other consolation prices by simply carrying out at least four transactions each on Leo, and on any other three of our digital platforms. These freebies that you do not get anywhere else are all available at UBA to our customers.”

On the plan going forward, Usman revealed that the public can rest assured that their savings are safe and secure.

“Let me use this opportunity to assure depositors that they can have full confidence that their savings are safe. For instance, at UBA, we intend to expand our products and services. We want our customers to know that we have their best interests at heart. We will continue to remain Africa’s Global Bank. There is no need for them to become nervous.”

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