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UBA launches 3 EEEs core values

May 2, 2017 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

United Bank for Africa (UBA) in Sierra Leone, one of the leading financial institutions in the country, has on last Friday 28th April, 2017, officially launched its Enterprise, Excellence and Execution (3 EEEs) core values in order to effectively and satisfactorily deliver service to its numerous customers.

Speaking during the launching ceremony at UBA’s office on Charlotte Street, Executive Director for Wholesale Banking, Chinedu Obeta, said UBA is a Pan-African bank with presence in 19 African countries, New York, the United Kingdom and France.

He said core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect on the institution’s values, adding that they are the essentials of the bank’s identity, principles, beliefs and philosophy.

He recalled that in 2005 the bank came up with a vision and mission statements, noting that the vision was to make the bank an undisputed leading and dominant financial service provider in Africa.

He added that the mission was for the bank to be a role model for African businesses by creating superior values for all its stakeholders, abiding by the utmost professional and ethical standards and building an enduring financial institution.

“The business landscape is rapidly evolving, UBA has envisaged the future. It has come to believe that it is now time to change and to ensure a performance driven financial institution that is focused on customers’ satisfaction,” he said.

He said focus on the customer is critical because the industry dynamism is changing across the bank’s operating countries as a result of competition. He added, “Customer and market demands are causing business delivery models and products to evolve and there is continuous incursion and increasing disruption of the traditional banking industry by technological advancement.”

“In view of the above, we have therefore defined a new target for ourselves. By 2020, we would be among the top three most profitable financial institutions in all the countries we operate,” he said.

To achieve our new target, he said, we have fundamentally refined our core values to reflect our commitment to consistently deliver excellence, hence, the launch of our new core values which are “Enterprise Excellence and Execution.

Explaining the meaning of the three EEEs, he said Enterprise, means systematic purposeful activity. He added, “It means we should own the task, go the extra mile, solve the problem, show initiative, break barriers and be innovative.”

Excellence, he said, means being outstanding or extremely good consistently. He noted, “It means we should be responsive and passionate, surpass customer’s expectations always, maintain quality standards, be meticulous, make it simple always, be professional-integrity, friendly and genuine.”

He said Execution means the act of performing or of doing things successfully, adding, “It means we should get it done, get it done now and get it done very well always.”

He concluded by saying that three values are tools to drive their behaviour and ensure that they achieve the big picture which is the vision to be the undisputed leading and dominant financial services institution in Africa.

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