U.S. supports community-based projects in Salone


September 29, 2015 

On September 25, U.S. Ambassador to Sierra Leone, John Hoover, signed grant agreements totaling US$105,300 with 14 community organisations to improve economic and social conditions at the local level.

The funds, according to a release from the U.S. Embassy in Freetown, will support projects in eight districts throughout Sierra Leone and include: assistance to purchase agricultural equipment and new seed stock for communities affected by Ebola; a partnership with Njala University to support women engaged in vegetable and poultry farming; a job-training program in the Rotifunk community to assist persons with disabilities; a small business operated by young entrepreneurs that uses organic waste to manufacture briquettes in Bombali District; and restarting a bakery business operated by an amputees’ organization.

These initiatives are funded by the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help (SSH) program which supports small, community-based projects throughout Africa.

Projects are designed in cooperation with community members who contribute their own resources, usually in the form of labour and in-kind donations.

The project agreement signing ceremony was attended by the acting Foreign Minister, Dr. Ebun Strasser-King.