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Tzu Chi Foundation to boost healthcare service in Sierra Leone

March 201, 2015 By Mohamed Massaquoi

As progress in being made in bringing the Ebola outbreak under control in most parts of the country, a Buddhist humanitarian organization, Tzu Chi Foundation, and their partners have assured Sierra Leoneans of providing technical support to seven hospitals, including in Kenema, Bo and Makeni.

Tzu Foundation for West Africa Project Manager, Stephen Fomba, said they were working in partnership with Caritas Sierra Leone to ensure they implement their plan in the interest of the people of Sierra Leone.

He said they had shipped into the country five containers of donated items from Taiwan, containing three containers of 1,512 portable beds, one container of 2,720 eco-blankets, and another container of 15,740kg of instant rice, along with 3,000 plastic bowls, bowl covers and spoons.

He said upon delivery, the Healey Relief Foundation team in Sierra Leone would immediately begin distributing the supplies to Ebola treatment and holding centers, hospitals and families affected by Ebola.

“We have plans to strongly contribute to the health sector of the country. My organisation is looking at the possibility of adopting seven hospitals across the country; this will be in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation,” said Ben Parra, Healey Relief Foundation Executive Director. “We actually want to promote these institutions to international standard; Sierra Leone has some of the worst healthcare outcomes in the world and we need to strengthen the healthcare infrastructure to address high rates of infant mortality and maternal deaths. We also need to ensure that the healthcare system is designed so that future pandemics can be better controlled.”

He added that Caritas Freetown has been working and supporting the government of Sierra Leone and its people, and in recent times they have been providing relief to Ebola survivors.

He said the Healey Foundation is based in Lumberton, New Jersey, and has provided relief in Sierra Leone since 2001, with support to Serabu Hospital, Fatima House of Light and St. Stephen’s Home for Amputees.

He disclosed that their future projects include the creation of a national health organisation which will include clinics that will provide healthcare to the most vulnerable women and children.

“LEAD is currently constructing a school for 350 children in the village of Kychom, in the Kambia District with a modern library, and has supported fundraising events internationally to support local institutions and community leaders to make critical interventions,” he said.

Tzu Chi Foundation is an international non-profit, non-governmental humanitarian organisation with four missions: charity, medicines, education, and humanitarian culture founded in 1966 in Taiwan. Tzu Chi Foundation has 502 offices in 50 countries and regions.

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