Two in prison for alleged theft


By Mohamed J Kargbo

Alusine Tarawally and Musa Kamara made their first appearance before Magistrate Mark Ngegba of the Pademba Road Court No.1 for alleged larceny and they were both remanded to the Male Correctional Centre at Pademba Road.

The accused persons were standing trial on two count charges to wit conspiracy to commit a crime and larceny contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

When the charges were read out to the accused persons by the court registrar, they pleaded not guilty to the allegations put against them.

Police alleged that on  4th September 2023, at Sunlight Trading Company Warehouse, Ferry Junction in Freetown, the accused persons conspired with unknown persons to commit a crime to with larceny.

It was also alleged that on the above said date and place in Freetown the accused persons stole six role of sisal fiber valued (Nle 1,79,00),10 cartoons of Anti Termite Vakade valued (Nle 3,971,00), 4 roll of proms Cables valued ( Nle 3,977,00), 3 rolls of 6mm cables valued (Nle 4,44,00), 4 rolls of 4mm cables valued (3,977,00), 211 cartoons of Diapers valued (95,906,00), 120 bottles of Campari valued (Nle 27,765,00), 6 bottles of Cosilero wine valued (Nle 60,7,00), 60 bottles of Jack Daniel Whisky valued (Nle 21,996,00), 96 bottles of Black Label valued ( Nle 47,766,00), 6 bottles of African Passion Wine valued (456,00), and two thousand seven hundred and eight four quarter rods valued ( Nle 26,00) all to the total value of Nle 281,152,00, properties of Sunshine Trading Company.

Police prosecutor, Mabel Tarawally, led in a witness to testify.

iJaikishan Jom said identified himself as the store manager for the above said company and that he recognised both accused in  the dock.

 He identified the first accused as a security guard and the second accused as his permanent help at the store.

He recalled the date in question when they were reviewing the security cameras at the warehouse and saw some footage of the security and the help entering the store and stole certain items.

He said upon seeing that they went into the warehouse to check and they found out that the above listed items were missing in the warehouse, so he made statement to the police.

The defense counsel, Hindolo Ngevao made bail application on behalf of his client, the second accused.

Also, Charles William adopted the same application for the first accused, but the Magistrate declined.

The matter was adjourned to the 24th October,2023. 


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