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TRIBUTE: Ehis Victor Eghobor: 10 April 1975 – 7 January 2021

January 12, 2021

By: Abubakar Hashimu

When should people die? Asked Wole Soyinka, in his last interview with the NEWS Magazine, titled “For Me, Humanity First”, commemorating his 86th birthday in Lagos, Nigeria.

After a successful surgery in Accra one month ago, Ehis Victor Eghobor, Manager of Concord Times Newspaper was preparing to return to Freetown to resume duties in a profession he loves passionately love and has devoted the better part of his adult life to.

In his 46 years on earth, Ehis was a bookworm, a first class graduate in public sector management from IPAM, who won the best student award for his all-round brilliance.

He never says NO to call of duties, even at odd hours. His humility was immeasurably immense, with lots of laughter, even in stressful conditions.

A deeply devout Christian, he was a lead member of Sanctuary Praise Church, who had a long standing loyalty and acquiescence of the church’s General Overseer, Pastor Victor Ajisafe who had tremendous respect for him.

Even in Ghana, he was not exhibiting discrimination in religious practices as he routinely WhatsApp gospel songs to even Muslims, including me, about sanity of life, which I deeply appreciate!

Beyond the coverage of Nigerian related events, Ehis also exhibit passion in covering Sierra Leonean events, nationally, both public and private sector related.

This is attested to the fact that all heads of government ministries, departments and agencies knew Ehis by first name.

He crisscrossed these entities himself, with nationalistic vigor that elevated Concord Times during his stewardship as General Manager.

Another important ingredient about Ehis was his love for fellow journalists in the country, who fondly called him “ops man”, meaning, skilful operator, who handled duties passionately even at short notice and in crises conditions.

This is so, as in print journalism, errors are corrected, last minute, during production. Ehis was always at hand during these crises moments.

Before he departed to Accra late last year for a spinal cord surgery, which caused him serious pain and agony here in Freetown, Ehis was positive of a successful operation in Accra and a return journey to Freetown.

This he got in Accra but the return journey to Freetown was cut short by an un-timely death.

As he was prepping to return Freetown, with his loving wife, Victoria, he had a heart attack, alien and unknown in medical history as he was not hypertensive, with normal BP temperatures in his lifetime.

He was rushed to the hospital, rehabilitated. Few days later, he had another heart attack, but pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

So sad!

What killed him was not what took him to Accra but a completely different ailment.

His death signifies a salient and unavoidable fact of life that one’s exit is in the hands of God!

You left an indelible mark, Ehis!!!

May God forgive your short comings and grant you perfect peace in the great beyond.

Rest in peace!!!!!

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