Treason Trial: CCTV footage reveals alleged coup plotters at Pademba Road Prisons


By Yusufu S. Bangura

At the ongoing treason trial of the alleged November 26th coup plotters, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage was presented in court, showcasing startling visuals of individuals purportedly involved in the incident.

Witnessed by Police Inspector Mohamed Jusu, the footage revealed the presence of Amadu Koita Makalo, Hassan Kamara, Abdul Sorie Hassan Kamara, and Tamba Yamba outside the Pademba Road Male Correctional Prison.

Led by State Counsel Yusuf Isaac Sesay, Jusu, a system and data analyst at the Criminal Investigation Department headquarters, testified regarding his role in analyzing digital evidence related to the November 26th incident.

Upon request, CCTV footage from the correctional center was obtained and scrutinized, uncovering a mix of police officers, soldiers, and civilians.

The footage reportedly depicted chaotic scenes, including military officers firing inside the prison, the blasting of prison walls, and armed individuals, including police officers, traversing the area. Notably, individuals identified as Kabba Kamara, the 10th accused, were observed discharging tear gas inside the prison premises.

As the trial progressed, challenges arose regarding the identification of the 12th accused, whose face remained obscured in the footage.

Despite objections from defense counsel Lawyer Sigismond Conteh regarding delays in the trial, Justice Komba Kamanda emphasized the need for expediency, ordering the prosecution to conclude their presentation promptly to uphold the accused’s rights.

The matter resumes today for further proceedings, underscoring the gravity of the allegations and the pursuit of justice in this high-profile case.


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