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Transforming Education Summit Advisory Committee… Dr. Sengeh, Deputy UN Secretary General set the agenda as Co-chairs

The Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary School, Dr. David  Sengeh  had  a review  and reflection meeting in Paris France with Ms. Amina Mohamed, Deputy UN Secretary-General,  to  set the core agenda items for the Transforming  Education Summit  (TES) to be held in June this year.  

The TES Advisory Committee is established to provide strategic guidance on the substantive focus and preparations of the Summit. Its members represent states and a wide range of education partners. The meeting was attended by the UNESCO Assistant Secretary General of Education, Stefanie Giannini and Ambassador Samuel Tamba Musa, Permanent Delegate to UNESCO.

The Minister extended courtesies  to the Deputy Secretary-General  and commended  her for the leadership  in the field of education and for efforts undertaken  to rally Member States and the international community  more broadly behind the organisation of the  TES.

The two dignitaries reflected  on the numerous information gathering meetings organised to define the key elements of the preparatory process, which  play a central role in securing buy in and active engagement, as well as in mobilising support for the summit.  

Minister Sengeh underscored his commitment to engage Member States and Key stakeholders throughout the preparatory process and beyond to ensure ownership  and  to draw on the expertise of all partners.

Both Minister David Sengeh and  DSG, Ms Amina Mohamed  reiterated the importance of building on the partnerships forged in the education response to the Covid –crisis  and the “reset” of the global cooperation in education.

In this regard, they stressed in particular the importance of embedding the TES and its preparatory process within the framework of the Global Cooperation Mechanism to prevent parallel processes.

Further in the discussion, they emphasized the importance of making use of existing  structures, platforms and initiatives, referring in particular to the GCM platforms-the Multilateral Education Platform (MEP), the Global Education Forum(GEF), the CCNGO and the SDG 4 Youth Network (SDG4Youth). 

They also underlined the importance of using the first TES Advisory Committee meeting to foster strong support for the proposed action tracks among the Committee members, who will also play a pivotal role in rallying their respective constituency groups behind them.

The meeting was concluded on a note underscoring the importance they attach to ensuring that the TES Advisory Committee members have regular dialogue and consultation in their respective constituency groups to foster ownership. In this regard, Minister Dr David Sengeh gave his commitment to align his participation with the Deputy SG, Ms Amina Mohamed in her capacity as both Co-chair of the TES Advisory Committee and the SDG 4-Education 2030 High-Level Steering Committee.

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