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To mitigate Ebola impact: International School adopts new learning method

NOVEMBER 21, 2014 By Isatu Sesay

The International School on Wednesday briefed media practitioners on new teaching methods they have adopted for their pupils, aimed at mitigating the negative impact of the Ebola outbreak on their pupils.

Schools have remained closed due to a moratorium imposed by the Ministry of Education and Science and Technology, as a result of the Ebola outbreak, which has infected more than 5,000, with at least 1,200 deaths. Normally, schools would have reopened in September.

However, the elite private school will now be able to teach pupils by way of DVDs and booklets prepared by Crown Media Solutions.

According to Deputy Chairperson of the school’s Board, Dr. Fatmata Taqi, the new mode of teaching, which she referred to as “home teaching”, will aid pupils of the school to continue learning even as the Ebola outbreak continues to keep them out of school.

Dr. Taqi revealed that the decision to adopt the model was devised by teachers and Board Members of the school, in order to keep the pupils busy while schools are indefinitely closed.

She went on to state that the booklets and DVD’s will cover all subjects taught during normal schooling, and will include all categories in primary and secondary level, with pupils assessed at the end of each topic.

Director of Crown Media Solutions, Alhaji Mansaray, said the method makes it easier for pupils to compensate for loss of school time due to the Ebola outbreak. He further emphasized that the DVD’s and booklets are strictly produced for pupils of the school.

“The DVDs and booklets have been assessed and will soon be released to the pupils,” he said.

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