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Three remanded for allegedly stabbing, robbing a lawyer

By Tutan Sesay

Magistrate Mark Ngegba of the Pademba Road Court No.2 has refused bail and remanded three accused persons at the Freetown Male and Female Correctional Centre for allegedly robbing Lawyer Musa Pious Sesay.

All accused including Mohamed Lamin Sesay, Amara Sesay and Doris Tucker were arraigned in court on two count charges of conspiracy to commit a felony and robbery with aggravation contrary to law.

According to the police, all accused persons on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, at Berwick Street and Gabriel Street junction in Freetown, conspired with other persons unknown and being armed with a knife robbed lawyer Sesay one pink colored Blu smart mobile phone valued Le6,500,000 and also  robbed Samuel Conteh of his Black Tecno Spark-2 mobile phone valued Le2,500,000.

Led in evidence by Assistant Superintendent of Police Hawa Bah, the complaint who was also the first prosecution witness, Barrister Musa Pious Sesay, said he recognized all accused in the dock and recalled on date of incident.

He narrated that on the date of incident at about 5pm,he went to drop a vehicle battery to his wife, and upon his return, he on-board a tricycle together with his clerk and that as they approached Berwick Street junction, he saw a crowd  armed with knife, stones, bottles, and weapons and the accused persons were among.

He said the first accused Mohamed Lamin Sesay stopped the tricycle and ordered the rider to park at the roadside which the rider did, noting that the first accused went to the tricycle and grabbed him (Lawyer Sesay) by the neck and demanded his two phones he was holding.

He said at first he refused to give his phones but one of the boys in the crowed ordered the first accused to stab him if he refused to hand over the phones, adding that the first accused removed a knife and stabbed him on his hand and also threatened to stab him on his stomach if he refused to hand over the phones.

 He said the second accused also grabbed his clerk and took his phones forcefully, and that after they took their phones his clerk also forcefully grabbed  the third accused and puts her on a motorbike and took her to Adelaide Police Station where he was issued with a medical request form and they went for treatment.

The matter was adjourned to the 11th April, 2022.

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