Three MPs sworn into office


 By Jariatu S. Bangura

Yesterday, the office of the Clerk of Parliament swore in one Member of Parliament (MP) and two Paramount Chief Members of Parliament (P.C. MPs) from various districts.

The newly inducted MPs include Hon. Andrew Moses Edwin from Bonthe District, P.C. Alameen Kanneh from Kenema District, and P.C. Saffa Moinah Tamu from Pujehun District.

Hon. Andrew Moses Edwin replaces Hon. Segepor Solomon Thomas, also from Bonthe District. Hon. Edwin, who was part of the fifth Parliament, steps into his role under the Proportional Representation (PR) system, following Hon. Thomas on the parliamentary list for the district as mandated in 2023. He becomes the first MP to benefit from this PR requirement.

In contrast, P.C. Alameen Kanneh and P.C. Saffa Moinah Tamu were elected following the passing of their predecessors, P.C. Foday Fabba Kpakra of Kenema District and P.C. Kebbie of Pujehun District, respectively.

The Presiding Speaker, Hon. Segepor Solomon Thomas, extended his congratulations to the newly sworn-in MPs on behalf of the House.

He urged them to adhere to the guidance of the Bible, the Constitution, and the parliamentary prayer documents to promote a more effective and democratic plenary and committee meeting process.


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