Thorpe Crowned Youth Ambassador      


January 27, 2017 

Prince Harold Thorpe, one of the Freetown Mayoral  aspirants for the All People’s Congress (APC) was yesterday crowned as the Youth Ambassador by Upgun Youth organisation, east end Freetown.

Speaking at the crowning ceremony,  Chairman Mr. Kamara said Thorpe was a young man with great ambition, which was why he was considered to be given the crown. He noted that Prince Harold Thorpe has done remarkable things in promoting youth development not only in Freetown but in various parts of the country.

Kamara also registered his support for Thorpe in the upcoming election and assured to organize all his followers in all communities around that area to rally behind Thorpe when he shall be given the APC symbol.

He said he has no regret to support Prince Thorpe because he has faith in him.

Reacting to the statement and crown awarded him; Prince Harold Thorpe assured youth that he would never forget them for recognizing his role in the country.

He also said he would remain to be grateful to them whether he been voted for or not and encouraged them to always make friends beyond political boundaries and differences.

He called on the young men to come together and contribute to national development in their own little ways and make the country a better place for all and sundry.

He stressed that nothing was impossible in the sight of God, once a person is determined and steadfast. Mr. Thorpe heaped praised on the crown and applauded the men for given him.

He stated that the future of the country was in the hands of the young, and therefore encouraged them to be focus in whatever they were engaged in. Mr. Thorpe noted that Sierra Leone belongs to all and sundry and not a single individual or groups of people.       

The group’s Public Relations Officers, Abdul Karim vowed to support Thorpe and urged his colleagues to be sincere in their support for Thorpe, adding that he was a young Sierra Leonean whom he believed in.

Other people who were present at the occasion also expressed similar sentiment for Thorpe and urged him to always remember that the community people were with him and therefore should not forget them.