‘There is no community land in Western Area’


…Avers Lands Minister

September 5, 2018

Regina Pratt

Minister Lands Dr. Dennis Sandy

Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, Dr. Dennis Sandy has averred that there is no community land in the Western Area.

Minister Sandy was speaking yesterday on the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) ‘Morning Coffee’ programme, where he dilated on a certain land dispute currently brewing at the Thompson-Bay community.

He emphasised that, ‘communities in the Western Area do not own lands’ and added  that in most cases people would grab land in the guise of constructing community schools, markets, churches and mosques.

Dr. Sandy cautioned that grabbing land is a criminal offence, adding that people should apply to the ministry for grant of state land to the community.

The disputed land at Thompson Bay is a private property upon which the community has constructed a clinic, but they have been asked by the owners to quit the property.

Dr. Sandy has promised to intervene and seek means to settle the impasse.

Meanwhile, Councilor Mariatu Kamara of Ward 441 told the Morning Coffee programme that the land owners have issued a three-day ultimatum to the community.

She stated that one Conrad Carew, caretaker of the said land, and the Boston family had earlier given them two weeks to vacate the land.

According to the councilor, a clinic has been constructed on the land and that it serves a population of about 25, 000.

“We are still appealing to the owners and their lawyer to extend the time given to remove the clinic and to help the community,” she appealed.