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Medical expert says ‘no physical force used in vagina’

March 4, 2015  By Patrick J. Kamara & Hawa Amara

Medical expert attached at the Rainbow Center, Dr. Matilda King, yesterday admitted under cross-examination that no physical force was used in penetrating the vagina of the victim.

While being cross-examined by defence counsel Sulaiman Kabba Koroma, Dr. King told the court that there was a deep cut and swelling on the lower lip of the alleged rape victim, plus a reddish eye and finger marks on her right hand when she examined her on 10 September, 2013.

According to her, a person who is forcefully penetrated without her consent can be identified within a day or two after an examination is conducted, but in the case in question no such act was deduced after the alleged victim was examined.

When asked if there was any injury on the vagina of the complainant, the medical doctor noted that based on her clinical findings there was no injury on the alleged victim’s vagina and that if physical penetration was used, she should have indicated it in her genital findings.

Earlier in her testimony, the female medical practitioner said she was at her post on the day of the incident when the victim reported an alleged sexual assault. She explained that she examined, interviewed and treated the victim in respect of the findings.

Dr. King continued that the victim was anxious, depressed and in pain when she reported at the Rainbow medical center – a specialist centre for treating victims of sexual violence. But the expert witness informed the court that although there were bruises on the arm of the alleged victim and a reddish eye, findings from genital examination proved there was a complete hymen rupture, albeit old.

Former Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology II, Mahmoud Tarawally, is standing trial at the Freetown High Court presided over by Judge Abdulai Cham after he was arraigned on four counts of wounding, wounding with intent, assault and rape, contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

State prosecutor, Alieu V. Koroma, contends that the accused had sexually penetrated the victim without her consent at an address on Hennessy Street in Kingtom on 9 September, 2013.

The accused though has denied all four charges.