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‘The Spirit of my dead husband brings the SCP/GFSAP’

-says Widow Saio Yajah

July 11, 2016 By Victoria Saffa

In Africa the spirit of the dead is believed to be source of good fortune. It is not uncommon to hear someone say “I was saved by the spirit of my late spouse or late parents, etc.” Well this is not different from how Madam Sao Yajah, 69, of Mano Yorgbor village thinks.

Madam Sao Yajah is a widow of six children and eleven grandchildren. She inherited, among other things, from her late husband, Saidu Yajah a 1.3 hectare coffee plantation, few metres from her dwelling house at Mano Yorgbor village, Jimmy section, in the Bagbo Chiefdom, Bo District.

This former source of income and livelihood for the poor widow, laid in waste with little or no hope of regaining its lost value. “For all these years, these plantations have been mere toys, adding no meaningful contribution in my life. I am a widow and my health is quite challenging of late. I do not have any source of assistance to provide or pay labour to rehabilitate my farm. The whole plantation has overgrown. Also with the drop in coffee price, coupled with the mentioned challenges, simply warranted a total neglect to the farm,” she narrated.

After being briefed on the SCP/GAFSP proposed rehabilitation of her plantation, and area measurement of her farm taken, Madam Sao Yajah showed great relief and expressed appreciation to the project, describing it as a source of blessing coming her way through the spirit of her dead husband. “I know it’s the work of my dead husband. He told me, he would not allow me to suffer. This is exactly what is about to happen to me,” the old lady said.

Poised to see the smallholder farmers overcome rural poverty, the SCP/GAFSP is targeting vulnerable farmers like Madam Sao Yajah, who over the years could hardly believe that their neglected plantations would ever be rehabilitated, thereby bringing hope to the despaired.

Madam Sao, when she finally receives the SCP/GAFSP support, would regain her once lost source of income. With the rehabilitation of her farm, she could get better yield, which in return can give her more money. With more money, she can seek better healthcare and hence live a better life. All these assure her that the spirit of her late husband still lives on.

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