SEPTEMBER 5, 2014 By Ing. Alfred H.C. Barlatt

Any system or arrangement which is bedevilled by perpetual repair develops a systemic retrogression. In such environment, a cycle of repair mentality psyche dominates the brain and blocks its vision of creativity and development.

A story is told of a son who inherited a one of a kind truck invented by his father. The truck is supposed to be run as a transport that would generate capital for the expansion of the business. Within a short time bad management caused the truck to need a variety of repairs at frequencies that resulted in the truck spending more time in the garage than on the road. Eventually the truck had to grind to a halt because it has become a loss.

Indeed since the GLORIOUS event of THE GARDEN OF EDEN when a repair free environment was handed down, we have been creating problems of dimensionless proportion in the name of progress and development that has put us in a permanent REPAIR MODE because of absence of due diligence.

There was once an Adam Smith and Karl Marx who, after looking at the unfortunate experience of humanity during the periods of Fiefdoms and feudalism, thought out an economic and social arrangement that would usher in prosperity and peaceful coexistence for humans. What was celebrated as a socio-economic break through was turned into ideological and political divide which consumed lives and resources of both sides and drowned genuine voices of freedom in Africa and elsewhere and resulted in the castigation of brilliant minds. As time passes it is appearing that all those sad and destructive era is a hoax of ANIMAL FARM PROPORTION.

The custodians of Adam Smith created a free enterprise by using their capital to create ENTERPRISES which spread its tentacles into the nerve center of their societies’ economy and made unimaginable profits. They then created a gene which looted the system and got desperate society which has already suffered loss to use the tax money they put aside to recapitalize the enterprises and hand it back to them. The Karl Marx custodians amassed people’s wealth on the back of their people in the name of state business and later made one hundred and eighty degrees turn to create a new system called CONFUSION. The people’s capital is used to form personal business enterprises to operate an anti-socialist economic system driven by market forces.

Today Adam Smith and Karl Marx having agreed to become comrades have, despite their belief in the existence of THE GREAT CREATOR, see DARWIN as worthy partner because his SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST concept makes a good business proposition to strengthen the argument for the philosophy of “GREEDIOLOGY”, which is vehemently pushing for human life to be considered as commodity and forcing for the none funding of social infrastructures until the market got to a profitable level. Such insensitivity and greed is the one responsible for the flurry of CONSPIRACY THEORIES across Africa on the EBOLA crisis.
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It is seriously undermining the efforts of lofty sons of humanity like William Wilberforce and hundreds of thousands of his kinds that have come and gone who have bitten the bullet in support of justice to a wider geography of humanity. Or the exemplary act of a motherly European monarch who put her hands around the CANDLE FLAME OF FREEDOM in South Africa to protect it from a RAGING TATCHERITE WIND bent on halting THE DREAM OF MANDELA FOR A RAINBOW WORLD.

The world is yearning for the creation of a Darwin/Adam Smith/Karl Marx PRIZE FOR CONSCIENCE in line with Nobel’s PRIZE FOR PEACE which came as a result of Nobel’s creation of an explosive intended to hasten the pace of construction of infrastructures to better the lives of the majority BUT is now used mostly to blast mankind to OBLIVION.