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Rwanda's Kagame's Inspirational Truth & Big Lie

August 13, 2019

The last paragraph of that much-circulated speech by Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, is the only part I applaud in it: “You must protect your cultural heritage, you must protect the lands, you must protect the forest, you must fly rockets into space, you must invent AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology”. It’s inspirational.  Especially so as post-1994-genocide Rwanda is a model of a  post-war country in Africa that has experienced the most meteoric developmental surge – Kagame’s words are aspirational.

The first paragraph in Kagame’s  speech is simply hogwash; a childishly demonic and dangerous escapism that risk Rwanda repeating its ghoulish genocidal history.  Read Kagame: “The 1994 genocide was an example of how the West are waiting on us to kill each other so they can share our gold and take our lands”. It’s the sort of B…S… spouted by some avowed pan-Africanist that I too often find gnawingly vexatious.  It’s not that Kagame  lied.

Europeans and Americans were the initiators, and main perpetrators, of four hundred years (of the Protracted Holocaust) of the  Atlantic Slave Trade – that epoch in history nearly most  children and youth in Africa today  are apparently  oblivious of; and  when some are taught it…they are taught about it in schools where it  would be one page of notes from ignorant teachers;  they would  imbibe, and regurgitate on paper what few sentences given them on four hundred years of history, to earn pupils  grades. Most of Africa’s youth today are completely ignorant of the horrendous almost 100 years of European colonization of Africa.  They don’t know how bestial the white man was in Congo or Namibia.  They don’t know how the white man ravaged and raped Africa for almost a hundred years after the four hundred years of enslavement of Negroid Africans in the America.  Most of Africa’s youth and children really perceive the white race as generally very civilized and humane  – while the Negroid is bad. Presidents like Kagame have not yet come around to appreciate the fact on the need for imaginative and intense teaching of Africa’s history – vis-à-vis Africa’s engagement with the white man.  They delude themselves that their spasmodic speeches denouncing the white man would do.  And they largely use the white man to gloss the deviltry; the village-minded proclivity of Africans… that would generally  get Africans to see the tribe forty miles away from their  villages as an alien enemy.

The Tutsis and Hutus in Rwanda had been competitive ethnic groups for about two centuries before the Belgians colonized that tiny landlocked  country.  The Belgian colonizers of Rwanda merely took advantage of the centuries-hate and suspicion between the two major ethnic groups in Rwanda, the Hutu and Tutsi.  The Belgians empowered the Tutsi with disproportionately  higher quality education and administrative powers.  The Belgians established and sustained a form of Apartheid system in which the light-skinned largely pointed-nosed Tutsi were positioned as SUPERIOR to the Negroid flat-nosed Hutu; the Tutsi being next in tier of intelligence to the white Belgian overlords, according to the Belgian eugenics in practice.  After independence from Belgium in the early  1960s, the Tutsi overlords that wielded  power did very little to significantly improve the lot of the Hutu majority.

It was not the West that told the Tutsi oligarchs to maintain the status quo where the majority Hutu  were subordinates in most spheres of modern life.

When the Hutu majority won political  power in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and the months leading on to the genocide, it was not the West that masterminded the Hutu propaganda machinery that, Adolf Hitler-like, labeled Tutsis as “cockroaches” who could be butchered to death without compunction.

It was not the West that “manipulated” Rwandans to hold machetes and clubs in their hands and to scour their neighbourhoods to ferret out Tutsis and moderate  Hutus…who they would hack to death. For Paul Kagame to blame the West for the nine months GENOCIDE in

Rwanda in 1994  would be  like admitting  that Africans are babies, or, even, that Africans are subhuman.  That Africans cannot plan and execute great good or great evil except the white man’s hand.

In too many African countries…  hate, crude injustice, even tyranny… would be nurtured, rationalized, gloated over (like what has been happening in Nigeria since the end of their Nigeria-Biafra civil war between 1967 and 1970; like what happened in Sierra Leone in the 1980s) and the elites that would benefit from such crude injustice – sometimes,

ethnic-linguistic injustice – would see nothing wrong going on. When there would be a civil war, Afro-centric intellectuals would then crescendo their denunciation of the manipulative white man.  This hypocrisy is what I term as hogwash.

Europeans fought hundreds years of wars among themselves – the French would fight the British and the Austrians; the French would bond with the British to wage war on the Austrians… in byzantine alliances as each European nation would try to get better of the next nation.  The Russians fought with the United States/United Kingdom/France against the Germans and Italians during the Second World War of 1939 and 1945 – ten years after the Second World War,  Russians were arch enemies of the United States/United Kingdom/France and Germany.  What history teaches us is that tribes, linguistic groups, regions would always try to get the better of the next group.  The white man’s predation on the Negroid African is not unique; neither was the enslavement of Negroid Africans the first slavery on planet Earth.  (We need to really teach History to our children and youth in imaginative ways!!). When an ethnic or linguistic/cultural group has vast superiority over others, they would  be tempted to enslave and subjugate the ‘other’ – irrespective of race.

The Cold War between the United States/NATO countries and the Soviet Union/Warsaw Pact countries was glamorized in James Bond 007 Hollywood films – four decades of stealth and guile and sabotage which the United States won when the Soviet Union almost imploded in the early 1990s.  The West did not want a mighty competitor in the former Soviet Union.

The West did not want China to grow into a big power after it started surging in the 1950s.  They did whatever they could to undermine China.

The point I have been writing incessantly about  is this:

Africa must grow up.

Africa must stop its cry baby attitude vis-a-vis the West: “Look what the white man did to us

.. are doing to us…!! Waaaa!!”.

While leaders like Rwanda’s Paul Kagame are positing themselves as African Liberation champions, they still cling to boundaries carved for Africa by Europeans during the Conference of Berlin in 1884/1885. Within tiny African countries, the African leadership generally have been waging ethnic war among themselves disguised as competitive democracy.  Within most African countries, there is an aversion to science and technology; there  would be overt or oblique suppression of the creative and productive intelligentsia, engendering sizeable brain drain  from Africa to Europe/America.

The satanic racist chants of the ‘Trumpian Revolution’ in the United States with US’ President Donald Trump calling African countries as “shithole countries” is reprehensible; unacceptable.  Outrage against Donald Trump and the growing momentum of white supremacists in the West can have potency and relevance with introspection by Africa’s leadership and radical overhaul of Africa’s governance systems; a dramatic change in the enslaved mindsets of Africans.

For about thirty years, I have been promoting ideas for firmer  African Unity because of the imperative of global warming – in Africa.  Have the leadership of Africa listened to me? Given me moral and tangible support? No!!

Sierra Leone is a tiny country  – just 47,000 square kilometers.  Sierra Leone’s population is just about  7 million – juxtapose that with 200 million people in Nigeria; with about 25 million people  in Lagos. Yet, the political space in Sierra Leone is terribly polarized and embittered. Are we going to blame the white man for that?

There are solutions to the developmental miasma that is generally Africa.  We can go back in history 5,000 years to find eminence among Africans in ancient Egypt.  But, there must be confrontations.  There must be mass therapy on Africans. There must be rude awakening of Africa’s leadership.

Almost daily, there is one alarming information on global warming and man-made Climate Change in  the global media.  The crescendo of learned opinion on Climate Change would be getting Satan scared in Hell. What is the general stance of the African leadership even as credible scientific institutions and scientists around the world are predicting that Africa would be worst hit by Climate Change? Africa’s leadership are lukewarm  – as if Climate Change is happening on some planet a million light years away.  Africa’s political elite and bureaucratic elite rush to attend international conferences largely to drink champagne; splurge on shopping in the West; earn dollars as allowances.  Then, they would  return to Africa to be mute,  and reveling in their personal successes; or, at best,  perfunctory… about Climate Change.

Today, Saturday, August 10, 2019, I watched an Al Jazeera programme titled “Inside Story” – it was on the wakeup call on Climate Change, especially after the IPCC release this week on how mankind’s eating habit is a major contributory factor on global warming.  One of the atmospheric scientists interviewed intoned on the need for “EDUCATIONAL REVOLUTION” on planet earth to meet the challenges of the existential threat of Climate Change. Africa urgently and desperately needs not only an Educational Revolution, but, Political Revolution.  Africa’s leadership better provide leadership for such revolutions, or they would be swept away by the tsunami of people’s revolution that we are inexorably heading towards.

I pause,

Oswald Hanciles, The Guru.

(Founder and CEO of the SLAVE SHIP-FREEDOM SHIP Movement).

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