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The Italian version of fondue is so luscious, there’s no wine — just cheese

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(CNN) — The Swiss are famous for fondue, but their neighbors in Italy have their own take on this delectable, melted cheese dish.

The traditional Swiss version melts together a variety of cheeses with wine and a little bit of cornstarch for a smooth texture. Then the cheese mixture is put in a pot rubbed down with a cut garlic clove and seasoned with nutmeg and black pepper.

But on the other side of the Alps, in the region of Valle d’Aosta, the Italians have their own version of fondue called fonduta.

Instead of Emmentaler and Gruyère, the Italians use just one cheese: fontina.

Fontina is a creamy semihard cheese with a mild, nutty flavor.

“Italian fontina cheese from cows fed on sweet…

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