The fate of Abacha traders in limbo


    By Ishmael Dumbuya

    On Friday 12th August 2022, this medium received information that stalls at Sani Abacha Street, were demolished.

    An interesting point worth noting is that a lot of people in the country get their livelihood from Abacha Street, especially women and they were in great anguish as a result of the demolition of their market stalls by security forces.

    According to the security forces, their action was based on intelligence received that traders at Abacha took part in the protest on Wednesday 10th August, which eventually led to the loss of lives.

    Speaking to this medium, one of the traders affected, Fatmata Tarawallie articulated her frustration and indicated that the action of the security forces to demolish their market stalls was improper, noting that due to the demolishment, she underwent a great loss in her business.

    Fatmata vehemently denied taking part in that protest.

    “I went home early on Wednesday because I was feeling unwell so I didn’t take part in the protest,” she stressed.

    Tarawallie said she was appalled that the security forces have caused her goods to get lost and that she was deeply frustrated.

    A lot of traders were frustrated over the action of the security forces, as they have ceased their source of livelihood.

    Some traders emphasized that the action of security forces went beyond borders.

    Meanwhile, Mayor of the Freetown City Council (FCC), Yvonne Aki-Sawyer, has denied social media claims of participating in the demolition of the market stalls.

    Mayor Aki-Sawyer in her tweet also strongly denies the FCC’s involvement in demolishing the stalls during curfew.

    The overarching importance of the market is that a lot of people, especially women, get their livelihood from those stalls and it would be appropriate for government to establish another business centre for those women.