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 Politics of Deception and Unfaithfulness; MP Shuns Electorates

August 3, 2020

By Mohamed M. Sesay (Lucky)


African Continent Especially Sierra Leone, has long suffered and is still suffering from politics of deception and unfaithfulness mostly from our elected representatives whom we entrust to represent and project our interests at local and national levels. Politics of deception, unfaithfulness and malicious lies have been dubbed as a sine qua non among our politicians, and also as a ‘’Hobson’s choice’’ in order to be elected into their respective offices. It is a shame and lack of morals for any politicians to feed on that prey, thinking that it is only when they lie or make all such of ‘’still born promises (borrowing Sly-cheney Coker’s words)’’ to the people before they can be elected into office.

 In today’s edition, cross section of a group called Nomo Descendants Association all being aggrieved indigenes from Constituency 013, informed the Courier that their Honorable member of parliament Hon. Alusine Kanneh, has long abandoned the interest of constituents of that constituency. In terms of clarity sake for my reader, Constituency 013 covers Nomo and Tonkia Chiefdoms, in Kenema District. The constituency also housed the country’s only wide life reservation which is the Gola Forest. The Courier saw pitiful remorsefulness on the faces of indigenes of the above-mentioned organization, over the marathon display of deception, negligence and unfaithfulness exhibited so far by Hon. Alusine Kanneh to the people of Nomo and Tonkia Chiefdoms.

In their expressions, they asserted that Constituency 013 being the most deprived constituency, and Nomo Chiefdom also being the most deprived and vulnerable Chiefdom out of the sixteen (16) Chiefdoms in Kenema District, were drowned with sugar-coated promises and therefore, voted overwhelmingly for Hon. Alusine Kanneh in 2012 general election. Again, in the 2018 general election, they claimed that Hon. Kanneh made a rib-tickling excuse in his constituency wide campaign, alluding that he could not attract developmental projects for his constituency during President Koroma’s regime because his party was in opposition. The Descendants of Nomo Chiefdom and also indigenes of constituency 013, said they saw an atom of reason to re-elect Hon. Kanneh for his second term of office out of his sidesplitting excuses he gave them. But the Courier’s questions to the people are, why should they believe in such hilarious excuses?  Why do they allow themselves to be conned by Hon. Kanneh for the second time? Are they not informed that constituency development funds know no political or geographical boundaries?

Notwithstanding the fact that MPs are charged with the primary responsibility to make laws, they can also influence policies that will take development programs and initiatives to their constituencies; in addition to projects of national interest. The Courier is equally aware that MPs are not directly responsible for undertaking development programs in their constituencies. However, MPs can facilitate, lobby for, and support developmental initiatives in their constituencies. PART IV, section 97, paragraph (b) of the 1991 constitution says that ‘’All Members of Parliament shall regard themselves as representatives of the people of Sierra Leone and desist from any conduct by which they seek improperly to enrich themselves or alienate themselves from the people.’’

 It is also part of the responsibilities of a Member of Parliament to make regular contacts with constituents hence enabling the MP to easily identify their needs and stimulate their inputs on policy debates. Moreover, frequent interactions between MPs and citizens will facilitate information sharing that could make government more accountable to the people. MPs can also help achieve this outcome by informing citizens about legislative actions, ensuring that citizens’ voices are reflected in budgets and public policies, and assisting constituents to gain access to governmental services. MPs can also help improve constituency relations by making regular visits to constituencies, particularly while Parliament is on recess and, in some cases, establishing offices in their respective constituencies.

On the contrary, these have been the missing link between Hon. Alusine Kanneh and the people of constituency 013. Now the people are asking Hon. Kanneh to point at the constituency office he was supposed to build in that constituency. Sometimes in 2018, government committed a disbursement of approximately sixty-three million Leones (le 63,000,000) to all elected members of parliament in order to construct constituency offices in their respective constituencies. The intend for establishing a constituency office is to enhance familiarity and cordiality between members of parliament and their constituents. Therefore, it is alleged that there is no visibility of the sixty-three million Leones (Le 63,000,000) being transformed or translated into building constituency Office by Hon. Kanneh. It was also alleged that Hon. Kanneh has never visited his constituency especially Nomo chiefdom since he assumed office as member of parliament.  

Several efforts and calls were made by the Courier to reach Hon. Kanneh, in order to respond to the aforementioned claims made by his constituents, but all proved futile. Inasmuch as “silence means consent” and Hon. Kanneh has technically and tactically declined talking to the Courier, Descendants of constituency 013 have further sent the humble Courier to H.E President Dr. Retired General Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, to come to their aid especially with his Free Quality Education initiative, since Hon. Kanneh has consciously failed to seek their interests at both local and national levels.

In conclusion, they said as it stands now, Nomo Chiefdom stands to be the only Chiefdom in the entire country without a functional secondary school. The only secondary school that was built by late President Alhaji Tejah Kabba in his blessed memory through the Sababu Education project, has been engulfed by bush because there were no paid up or pin coded teachers to teach the pupils. Henceforth, there is no functional secondary school in the whole Chiefdom, which has left pupils languishing without benefiting from the Free Quality Education. They are therefore calling on President Bio and his government through the Ministry of Basic and Senior School Education (MBSSE), to rehabilitate their only desolated-type secondary school, and put teachers on pin code for an efficacious running of the school. They further craved on the indulgence of President Bio led Newest-Direction government, and other development partners (NGOs AND INGOs) to remember this long abandoned and long forgotten constituency with developmental initiative. The Nomo Descendants Association explicitly elucidated that they only have an Honorable member of parliament in principle but in practical, they can self-acclaimed the status of being a constituency without a representative for nearly a decade. 

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