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The Apostolic Corner: The End Time Vessels

By Pst. Emmanuel Gborie

Text: John 3:1-7, 11- 15

Those who love truth will accept it.
God is looking for vessels that can contain the revival that is to come. The end time oil is not for everyone! Yes, and this is alarming for the church because many in the church today are yet to become such that God can use. So, God is desperately searching for these vessels as He finds expression through their lives and use them as a conduit pipe to channel His power to this generation. God is easily identified and revered when His power is displayed. He is a God of power…
(Pls 62:11)
I certainly believe that the rapture is going to take place in the midst of revival and the latter is eminent as we could also tell that there is not much time left for the former.
There is therefore now a mandate to prepare the vessels for this end time Revival God is about to bring, while these vessels are themselves firstly offered the instruments that can be used.
This means, there is urgency….God is in need of vessels He can use, and these vessels that God will use must understand the rudiments of this course.

The requirement for the vessels is that they must be born again. Simple right? It will surprise you to know that most of us in the church including pastors are not born again. This might sound very bad as it looks but you’ll understand what I mean very soon.

So then, what does it mean to be born again? Born again means to die to the flesh and be born to the Spirit. Get it? This is very powerful!
See, you cannot have the new man if you’re not dead to the old man. Wow! And many of us are still living the old man. Until you’re dead to the old man, you can live the new life.
We mostly put being born again upon religious garments. People are spiritualizing what is entirely of the flesh or carnal. Your nature has to changed. You must die self and the flesh (Roms 8:5-8).

Jesus made reference to the cross…
To believe in Jesus is to believe going to the cross (dying, been crucified).The cross and the death of Jesus Christ becomes a reality in your life. (Gal 2: 19-20)
This statement put into reality is Christianity. Sir, Ma, Jesus must leave through you. Your life must be His life…
Satan often tells you don’t need to die to the flesh. Until you become like Christ.
What is love for Christ?
(2nd Corinth 5:19-21)
Paul says, I know no man after the flesh save Christ crucified.  The flesh must go through the same crucifixion Christ Jesus went through and that’s only when we’re said to be born again. Tell yourself I must die to the flesh and live to Christ. (John 12:24)
To be continued….

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