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The Apostolic Corner: Questions to Modern Ministers & Ministries

By Pst Emmanuel Gborie

Texts: Matthew 28:18-20 & Mark 16:15-20


1. What is the overall purpose or objective for ministry
a) To establish the kingdom of God and saving men from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.  Matt 4:19
b) Soul winning
c) To go and teach or preach the gospel. Matt 28:19
d) Ministry is about making disciples.

We should then ask ourselves this question: Is our core message in the church a message of repentance? Taking into consideration our message to the world and the church, the answer is no, not even at 40% because we focus more on preparing the people for church functions rather than making them disciples.

The individual indwelling of the spirit should be a key in the Christian experience of the people.We know that being born again is a personal experience. Salvation is a miracle and it is by believing in Christ Jesus. So, it’s obvious that we cannot often and easily determine or tell if someone is saved or not. John 3:8.

A man can be saved but still stumble. That is why regular follow up and discipleship are needed in the church, especially to ensure the growth of our members.
Therefore, our message should be tailored around achieving the ultimate goal of making them disciples of Jesus Christ. Emphasis in our teachings and preaching that doesn’t gear towards this will eventually leave us with baby Christians who are tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine.
In the end, ministries will not have succeeded in any way as per the Master’s directives and command. Our sole hat He sent us for

In  preparing the people, what then should be an integral part of their Christian experience, insight or encounter?
The truth is that there should be an interaction between insight and encounter as both of them are important to the believer. Encounters bring insight and insight can also lead to an encounter.

Thus, they should be able to know God and live a Christ like life as they also grow in other dimensions in God.

Remaining questions to be answered:
2. What does God want to accomplish by calling you into ministry?
3. What are some of the modern trends in ministry that seems attractive but are a trap to those who want to please God?
4. What is success in ministry? What are the indicators for success in ministry.
5. Can a programmatic ministry fulfill the great commission?  (programs that doesn’t gear towards the salvation of the members).

In summary ministry is worship. We should consider ministry as worship.
Secondly, we are gifts to the church and to our members. Ephesians 4:8-11.We should therefore comprise, holistically of everything our members need. And they should see us as the gift God has given to them. 

Therefore their output and life depends on what exactly we give them and what we are to them.
To be continued…. please meditate on these questions.
I remain to be your brother Emmanuel Gborie. Shalom

Part of this message is an excerpt of a discussion in CEA- SL Meeting dated 21st/05/22

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