Tengbeh Town murder trial…


Pathologist outlines causes of death

March 2, 2017 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

 Government pathologist, Dr. Simeon Owizz Koroma, yesterday testified and outlined the causes of death of one Daniel Salieu Kamara, an Operational Support Division (OSD) Officer, who was allegedly murderedbySolomon Bondi and Ector Sesayon Thursday, 1stJanuary, 2015, at No.9 OffBeckle Lane, Tengbeh Town, western Freetown.

Both accused persons are standing trial in the Freetown High Court on two count charges of conspiracy and murder, contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

The prosecution alleges that on 1st of January, 2015, atNo.9 Off Beckley Lane, Tengbeh Town, the accused persons conspired with unknown individuals to commit a felony to wit murder and did murder the deceased.

In his testimony at the Freetown High Court presided over by Justice MonfredSesay, Dr. Koroma introduced himself as the Consultant Pathologist for the  Ministry of Health and Sanitation and Head of the Scientific Support Unit at the Sierra Leone Police Force to the rank of  Chief Superintendent of Police.

He said part of his responsibility includes training medical students; performing both hospital and medico-legal autopsy on corpses as and when authorized by the Chief Medical Officer.

He recalled on the 7th of January, 2015, and upon the instruction of the Chief Medical Officer and request from the Freetown Coroner, he performed an autopsy on the remains of DanielSalieu Kamara.

He said the remains of the deceased were identified to him by one Samuel Abubakarr Kamara, his elder brother, Detective Police Costable 857 Kamara A, Investigating Officer and the Scene of Crime Officer, Inspector I. S Dumbuya.

He said upon conclusion of the autopsy, he listed all his findings which he signed and issued copies to the elder brother and the police as well.

He narrated that the deceased died as a result of neurogenic shock due to fractures of the horns of the hyoid bone laryngeal bone, thyroid and cricoid cartilages, dislocated fracture of the cervical vertebrae- one to four due to manual strangulation and spinal cord injury.

He further narrated that there was massive intracerebral hemorrhage, as a consequence of extensive skull fracture and bullet wounds of upper and lower extremities.

The matter continues.