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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Technical and Vocational Education – Key to Sierra Leone Development


By Gabriel Benjamin

The Final Part

Anyone who thinks that a country that lacks skilled technical and vocational manpower, cannot generate electricity for more than three to four hours in a day, and unable to fix its roads and bridges could be transformed into an industrialized nation in ten years from today must be living in a different planet.

No society has ever become an industrialized nation without technological capability – technical and vocational capabilities.

Sierra Leone can become an economic power-house; realizing its visions only if proper attention is given to technical and vocational, promotes and rewards creativity, and channels its material and human resources to productive use.

The leaders must recognize the relevance of technical and vocational education in national development; adopt and adapt what works in developed nations.

The resources being wasted in a lot of on-going false projects should be use to re-brand and rebuild the nation’s technical and vocational education sector.

No amount of rhetoric would solve Sierra Leones’s socio-political and economic problems.

The leaders could salvage Sierra Leone’s image by re-branding their mentality and doing the right thing – tackle corruption in the educational sector and fix the various dilapidated educational institutions.

Thus, without a fundamental shift in values, beliefs and thinking, and without technological and vocational capability, Sierra Leone will continue to dream of becoming a ‘Great Nation’.

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