Tears at late Lawyer Timbo’s tribute ceremony


February 12, 2019

By Regina Pratt

Late Lawyer Mohamed Adam Timbo

Mourners, mainly lawyers, could not control their tears as they paid tribute to their fallen colleague, whose sudden death took place in United Kingdom on January 29, 2019, whilst pursuing Masters in Law.

In her tribute, the Bar Association President, Basita Michael, who was in tears, stated that the death of Lawyer Mohamed Adams Timbo constitutes a big blow to the Bar as the late man was ‘very respectful, charming, very religious’ and loved his family members.

“Our lives are not ours, tomorrow is not ours.As we saw Adams’ passing off is a simple explanation that life is not ours,” she said.

She expressed their grief with Mrs. Timbo, mother of the late man, Yada Williams and Associates Law Firm, where the deceased used to work.

On his part, Lawyer Abdul Karim Koroma noted that he was lost of words with regards the description of the late man, who used to be his closed ally, whether  in happiness or in sorrow.

He said Lawyer Timbo was a man who was eager to achieve in his life, and that he was very honest in doing his job and had always based his politics and football argument on the law.

“We shared great memories together working with Yada Williams Associates as he was a dedicated fellow and had passion for the job,” he said.

Lawyer Koroma said his immediate point of call was that he was very strict when it comes to matters of principles and had always worked to meeting deadlines.

With tears flowing down his cheek, Lawyer Koroma said the late man took everything with him when leaving for the UK as though he was not coming again, and that the last time he communicated with him was on Thursday January 29, 2019.

Law Officers Department representative, Lawyer Aron Conteh, said the solemn session for a fallen colleague was a shock to them.

He said the late man had an outstanding career as a solicitor who was passionate about the law, and was an unmistakable change agent.

“He was leaving a meaningful life and in addition to his role he always found time for friends and families,” he said

He stated that the late lawyer had left very fine legacies in the land of the living as his chambers, Bar Association and the Bench had lost an illustrious son.

Also, Hon. Justice Manuela Harding narrated that she came to know the late man when he appeared before her some two years ago and that many other members of the Bench held immense respect for him.

“I saw him as a promising young barrister and solicitor, who is no more. Mr. Timbo left this shores to come back to represent the poor and injustice but he is no more,” she cried.

The late Lawyer Mohamed Adam Timbo Esq., 35, was the son of Sierra Leones Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and also one of the counsels of Yada Williams and Associates.

He was pursuing a Masters degree at the Queen Mary University of London after winning the Chevening Scholarship.