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Team Washington returns home with award of excellence

 By Commissioner Braima Moiforay

 There is no telling that SLPPNA Washington Metro Chapter continues to be not only the largest chapter in North America, but also an exemplary SLPPNA chapter in the whole of North  America.The chapter  is currently headed by Mrs. Fatmata Dausy Wurie  who is not only dynamic , but very inclusive , innovative , optimistic , receptive , resilient ,uplifting and highly passionate and  forward-thinking . Upon her accession to the enviable position as  a chair

 In the largest slpp chapter in North America,she deliberately  coined the  phrase Team -Washington  to emphasize on inclusivity in leadership.  Mrs. Fatmata Dausy Wurie also created  over  ten committees including a Recruiting Committee in SLPP Washington Metro chapter . The competition among the committees is palpable! Therefore the greatness of Team Washington as it is commonly called lies not only on its size , numerical size , but  largely the great unity  and the enviable leadership the slpp chapter has . Team Washington led by , Mrs Fatmata Dausy Wurie went to DRC on 5/27/22 to support Chairman Amina Kawa in her inauguration , but the gallant Team Washington returned home with  an unprecedented medal of honor , a Trophy of distinction and decoration of excellence .  What is so special about Team Washington in the SLPPNA region a curious mind would ask ?

Is this because of her numerical strength? Is this because of the quality of membership in the chapter? As pointed above, most observers have safely concluded that it is all because of its current passionate and excellent leadership!

When an army has a gallant, excellent and a forward -thinking Field -Marshall , that army hardly returns from a battlefield without a Medal of Honor .  In his text, E.M Kelley stressed that the difference between a boss and a leader; a boss says GO and a leader says Let  US Go . Judging from her track record as a chairman in SLPPNA Washington Metro chapter , the latter is what is  mostly exhibited by Chairman Fatmata  Dausy Wurie in Slpp Washington Metro chapter ! Her critics  hardly mentions her  numerous  and unprecedented scores  of achievements as a chair , but  scanty  errors in her discharge of duties .

She fears failure in the discharge of her executive functions . Very deliberate but conversational in the daily discharge of her  executive  functions as  a chair.

 Quite recently, SLPP DRC chairman , madam Amina Kawa  carefully looked among the plethora of gallant leaders in SLPPNA region , but  meticulously and optimistically chose Mrs. Fatmata Dausy Wurie to be the  Key-Note speaker in her just recently concluded but productive and historic inauguration.  At the inauguration, Mrs Fatmata Dausy Wurie delivered not only an eloquent speech, but a very articulate , provocative and inspiring speech. The crowed was mesmerized and captured by the unique tone  chairman Fatmata Dausy Wurie employed in her delivery . An observer quietly commented “ Wow ! Now I see the reason why Chsirman Amina Kawa chose this lady to be her Key-Note Speaker “

  Therefore,it was never a surprise that  at the  just concluded inauguration , Team Washington was  decorated with an Award of Excellence ! The above photo  speaks volumes about the meritorious achievement of Team Washington .  SLPPNA Washington Metro chapter continues to be  not only the largest SLPPNA chapter but  most inspiring , motivative , exempliary and dedicated  slpp chapter  in North America. The  chapter believes not only in diversity of opinion ,but largely in  democratic principles as well as gender -equity . The chapter is currently in a frenzied mood for 2023  presidential Elections in Sierra Leone , as the chairman ,for its dynamic fundraising committee , the tactful and meticulous Madam Rakiatu Rashid Sandy continue to develop  attractive party panahphenerals that continue to attract even the opposition party members .

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