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‘Tangains’ organizers woos government permission

November 2, 2017 By Memunatu Bangura

Director of ‘Tangains’ Festival, Tutie Haffner, has appealed to the government of Sierra Leone to grant them permission to carry on this year’s event.

Mr. Haffner, who was speaking to newsmen at a press conference organized by Freetong Players International, The Best Squad (TBS) and Management of Siaka Steven Stadium at the presidential lounge in Freetown, said his organisation and its partners have been organizing ‘Tangains’ festival for the past thirty years, adding that it was sometimes organized during political atmosphere without any interference or problems from political parties.

“But this time around, the way and manner at which we are seeing political tension in the country, has generated fear in our minds. We have been in negotiations with the government to give us clearance for the December Festival,” he said.

According to him, ‘Tangains’ Festival started in 1994 at Victoria Park but it was later moved to the Siaka Steven Stadium, adding that the festival has been a household name within and outside of Sierra Leone.

Explaining the essence of the festival, Mr. Haffner said the event is not only a trade fair but one that has helped to showcase the rich culture of Sierra Leone, teach Sierra Leoneans about their culture and tradition, and sell the country’s arts and crafts, among other goodies.

He noted that ‘Tangains’ is a national festival for all Sierra Leoneans including the ruling All People’s Congress (APC),the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) and all other political parties.

Mr.Haffner stated that Freetong Players and its partners are equipped to maintain sanity and security at the Siaka Steven Stadium during the festival, if granted the permission to organize it.

He said it would be a disappointment to many Sierra Leoneans if government refuses to grant permission for this year’s event.

“An organization called “Master Peace” would preach peace during the festival as a way of discouraging people that may incite violent behaviour during the event. I want to reiterate our plea to government and Management of Stadium to give clearance for the festival to take place as Freetong Player has already sold over two hundred forms for booths,” he said, while assuring government of a watertight security

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