Swedish investors end three–day investment mission


May 15, 2018 By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma  

From left to right Arne Bergh, Hans Soderstrom and Hon Sidi Tunis

Two Swedish investors, Hans Soderstrom and Arne Bergh last week concluded a three-day fact finding investment mission to Sierra Leone.

Hans Soderstrom, who has been working mainly on mining activities said he was together with his colleague- Arne Bergh -in Sierra Leone-to look at the investment opportunities in the country, adding that his intention was to engage in small scale mining ,value addition and education.

“Right now, I know that Sierra Leone is a favourable country. I know there are opportunities.  For quite some time now, I have been following Sierra Leone closely through my contacts here,” he said, adding that the country has a lot more to give than to receive.

‘This country is richly endowed with mineral resources, good tourism investments and many more.’

He added that during their three days stay in the country, they met with government officials and investment partners, who he said were very helpful, open and frank, noting that it’s the start of a major journey into investing in the country.

He expressed hopes that with the new government, they will create the enabling environment so that investors like them could bring  other investors from Europe and other parts of the world.

“Even though we are here for a short trip, we will surely come back and bring investment for the country.”

On his part, Arne Bergh, a Creative Director said they were in the country to look at the opportunities in the tourism sector. He disclosed that he was the creator of one of the biggest trademarks in the world of tourism called Ice Hotel located in the far north of Sweden.

Bergh as a Creative Director and a sculpture designer, he would like to bring in such innovative into Sierra Leone tourism.

 ‘’Seeing this country for the first time, opens my eyes to come up with ideas of the possibilities in the tourism sector,” he said.

Bergh said the country has a huge potential to develop in all areas including the tourism sector which he greatly wanted to invest, adding that he loves creativity which he said was his profession back home-Sweden.