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Surprising world of Stonehenge revealed in new exhibition

The distinctive silhouette of Stonehenge in the flat landscape of Salisbury plain in southwest England is instantly and iconically familiar.

However, the 4,500-year-old monument and the world it encapsulated remains profoundly mysterious — there are no written records that shed light on its meaning and significance.

A major new exhibition at The British Museum that gathers 430 stunning objects from around the United Kingdom and Europe aims to illuminate the fast-changing and surprisingly sophisticated world in which, for thousands of years, Stonehenge stood at the heart.

“It’s almost like we’ve become over familiar with the monument but the context and the people are missing from the picture,”said Neil Wilkin, lead curator of the exhibition.

“We only really understand the monument if you understand what is happening in that world at the time it is built.”

The exhibition, which spans a…

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