Sumana’s wife vows to compliment husband’s efforts


February 27, 2018 By Tamba Gborie

Chief Sam-Sumana and his spouse Khadija Sam-Sumana

It is often said that behind every successful husband there is a strong, supportive and dedicated wife. Wife of former Vice President, Khadija Sam-Sumana is no exception. She has fought the nay-sayers, adversaries and those who introduced the PHD syndrome (Pull Her Down) to distract her from doing what it takes to see her husband succeed.

To madam Sam-Sumana, her husband’s success matters more than anything else. Born and bred in a responsible home, where culture and care for the home and the husband is paramount, Lady Khadija does just that.

She is additionally a women’s right activist; she wants to see women succeed in all areas of life particularly those that are in politics. If the women are decision makers she argues, they will cater for their gender.

When I spoke to her recently about her role in the politics; juggling domestic responsibility, campaign and women’s support, she did not mince her words: ” For me these three things come very handy; my husband is a politician; he is passionate about a better life for all Sierra Leoneans and simply loves to be of service; I love him and would support him all I can. would support him all I can. When elected as President, Sierra Leoneans will see for themselves the true nature of my husband. He is selfless, caring, compassionate and down to earth.”

On women’s right issues, Lady Khadija Sam- Sumana says; “The women of Sierra Leone deserve better than what the current government has offetred; top on our priority will be free healthcare for them and their children, among many other things” adding that she will continue to promote women’s right, when she shall have become the First Lady of Sierra Leone.

She further affirmed that she will promote women in governance, and advocate for women across the nation to get access to economic empowerment support initiatives like soft loans, affordable housing and adult education.
On her husband, she once again emphasised that her main goal is to compliment his effort as a politician to help him achieve his vision for a brighter and better future for the people of Sierra Leone.

The future First Lady reiterated that her husband’s party slogan Nation First, resonates with her as much as it does with him. She said that she is aware that C4C is a new party and that her husband has put a lot of resources and effort in it to get the party on the top of list of parties to watch in this elections. With such tremendous strides to become the government ofthe next political dispensation of Sierra Leone, Lady Sam-Sumana uses every fiber in her body to make the dream a reality by complimenting the effort of her husband.

“My husband and I are committed to making Sierra Leone a better place for every Sierra Leonean irrespective of their background or political party affiliation. For Sam, it is always “Nation First!” and I will compliment his efforts to actualize his vision and goals.

Well, this is it; make no mistake the future First Lady and her husband are united or better said, they are jointly collaborating to do what it takes to make Sierra Leone a better place to live after the people of Sierra Leone kick out the corrupt and wicked APC government.