Students engage in peace education


By Victoria Saffa

The Students Forum for Peace and Development – Sierra Leone on Friday conducted their first peace education forum at the organization’s head office in Calaba Town, east of the city.

The program brought together pupils from different secondary schools and students from various constituent colleges and other important stakeholders in the country.

In his keynote address, the National Coordinator of the organisation who is a student from Fourah Bay College (FBC), Mohamed Sheriff, said the peace education is mainly focused on changing students’ behaviour from violent acts, adding that preventing infighting among pupils in schools and violence or crime is the main objective of the organization.

He said they are serving as peace facilitators and mediators in all learning institutions across the country, thus calling on students and pupils to speak their problems within a conventional line of action as opposed to non-conventional line of action like violent act.

Sia Gborie, Western Regional Coordinator of the organization, said that among the lessons learnt are behaviour modification of students, conflict prevention and resolution among students.

She urged school and campus ambassadors to act proactively with the peace groups in their respective institutions in preventing violence among school pupils and students.
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