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Student fee impasse at Njala resolved

- Administration to reopen Towama Campus

After four hours of intense deliberations last Thursday evening, the Njala University administration has agreed to reopen the Towama Campus in Bo on 22nd March, to resume examinations and lectures. Therefore, only students who have paid, at least 60% of their fees, will be allowed to take the exams, the administration has said in a release on Friday.

It would be recalled that the Vice Chancellor and Principal of the Njala University was, on Tuesday March 11th, forced to close down the Towama section of the Bo campus in order to restore peace and protect the students and the University. The other campuses were not affected by that decision.

At that same meeting which was detailed (inclusive staff and senior management), compassionate, thoughtful and productive, other decisions were taken and clarifications made to resolve the impasse:

  1. Clarification: The University wants it to be absolutely clear and wishes it to be known that the student disturbance in just one section of the Bo campus was not of the making of the University Administration rather some students who refused to pay fees went on a rampage. We have four academic and administrative sites in Freetown, Njala, and Bo, yet only one had disturbance—the Towama sub-campus—while the other three were quiet and exams went on peacefully.
  2. Students who have not paid their fees must do so immediately at the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank.
  3. The 21st March, 2014 will be the final date for payment of, at least, 60% of the fees.
  4. Only students who have paid, at least, 60% of their total fees will be allowed to take the exams.
  5. As the Towama campus reopens on the 22nd March, 2014, exams that were suspended will resume on Monday, March 24th, 2014. The new timetable will be communicated shortly to all students.
  6. A broad based committee has been setup to investigate the causes of the disturbance at the Towama campus, how the incident was handled and make recommendation(s) for action.
  7. The University is in discussion with the Police to sort out the issues of those arrested.
  8. To clarify, it should be noted that the terms of payment of fees were determined by the University Administration and not by an individual.

The University Administration would like to sympathize with those law abiding students, who behaved themselves, paid their fees and prepared for the exams, yet had to go through that ugly experience(s)!

However, students must know that tertiary education, worldwide, is not free!

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